• Bewl Water (bank fishing)

    23rd March 2019 · Report by Graham Morgan Plumb

    13 Anglers met at the lodge on Saturday including Mark Tremain-Coker’s daughter, Niamh. The reservoir was full and opening day on 21 March had proved to be very successful and hence optimism was high. After a breakfast of bacon rolls at the new café next to the lodge, the lucky thirteen boarded a water taxi for Ferry Point. The taxi service was kindly provided gratis by Phil and the Bewl Water staff team

    After drawing walk-off numbers, half the anglers headed east towards Dunsters Bay; the other half heading south towards Monty's Seat

    It soon became evident that the fishing was not going to be as opulent as on opening day, probably not helped with by a cold north-easterly wind which made wading chilly and hindered casting. Where I was fishing (close to the ferry landing stage), a few fish were being caught – some on green and black lures (now known as an Alan Dean after that member's particular success on opening day) and some on Blobs

    At lunchtime, from the Ferry Point/Monty's contingent, Micky Heasman and Russell Bell were leading the field with 4 fish apiece. However, from the Dunsters direction, Ray Burt already had his 8 fish plus four released. A single multi-coloured Booby had done the majority of the damage for Ray. After lunch, Andy Stoner had to depart for a theatre date, Ray Burt decided that he had done enough and Mark and Niamh decided to take the taxi back and try their luck at the Playground with the hope that the wind would be kinder

    In fact, the wind did drop slightly after lunch and the temperature increased. This made the fishing more comfortable and those anglers who had struggled in the morning were soon into fish. As the afternoon developed it became evident that Blobs of various colours on intermediate lines was the way to go although, bucking the trend, Micky Heasman caught a full bag on a particular black and green lure

    At 16:30 we returned by water taxi to rendezvous with Mark and Niamh for the weigh in. The full results are provided below and I think everyone agreed that the day had been a good one. The thirstier members decided to adjourn to the Brown Trout for a refreshing pint or two

    • 1 – Ray Burt - 8 fish - 19lb 13oz
    • 2 – Graham Morgan Plumb - 8 fish - 19lb 10oz
    • 3 – Dave Crouch - 8 fish - 19lb 0oz
    • 4 – Micky Heasman - 8 fish - 18lb 14oz
    • 5 – Russell Bell - 8 fish - 18lb 10oz
    • 6 – Ian Watts - 8 fish - 18lb 0oz
    • 7 - Mark Tremain-Coker - 8 fish - 17lb 15oz
    • 8 - Nick Cox - 8 fish - 17lb 10oz
    • 9 - John Hancock - 8 fish - 17lb 6oz
    • 10 – Mick Priest - 6 fish - 12lb 11oz
    • 11 – Alastair Garner - 6 fish - 12lb 5oz
    • 12 – Andy Stoner - 0 fish (ceased fishing at lunchtime)

    Niamh Tremain-Coker also had several nice fish but decided to fish Catch and Release on this occasion

  • Rib Valley Fishery, Hertfordshire

    Date 16th March 2019 · Report by Micky Heasman

    With up to 50 mph winds predicted for the day the six TWFFS anglers that said yes to the trip were wondering if the day might be better spent watching the rugby in a nice pub somewhere. If England were the team you supported then Wales and Scotland finished any hope of lifting them the Six Nations trophy. But the fishing in difficult conditions did not disappoint

    The day started well with all of us meeting at a super cafe in Ware - aptly named “Ware to Eat”. The breakfast did not disappoint but next time I think the smaller breakfast is the one to order - Alan and Ray made the wiser choice. With much expanded waistlines we headed off to the water

    With a strong and very gusty SW wind one bank offered the best chance of getting out a decent line. Floating lines were the order of the day and fish were taking small lures and buzzers. Points would be awarded for the best 3 fish bag. The end of the lake closest to the fishing hut proved to be the most productive. Alan Dean and Andy Stoner made good starts with Alan landing what looked to be a very good sized fish - read on to find out how good. Andy Stoner was first to his 3 fish and then moved on to catch and release. After 2 fish I moved to the opposite bank to give fishing into the wind a try. Difficult to get a line out but fish were moving very close in and very quickly my 3rd fish was caught unfortunate for me was that it was the smallest in my bag. All of the subsequent fish on catch and release were at least 3 lb - yep you've heard it all before - ha ha

    All had good catches by lunch and we agreed a 3:30 finish so we could pop to a local pub to see what was happening with the rugby - no more on this except to say well played Wales and Scotland (deja vu Russell!) - what a game that turned out to be

    A very enjoyable day - thanks to all


    • 1 - Graham Morgan-Plumb - 3 Fish - 8lb 4oz
    • 2 - Alan Dean - 2 Fish - 7lb 13oz
    • 3 - Micky Heasman - 3 Fish - 6lb 13oz
    •    - Peter Thomason - 3 Fish - 6lb 13oz
    • 5 - Ray Burt - 3 Fish - 6lb 7oz
    • 6 - Andy Stoner - 3 Fish - 6lb 3oz

    The best fish, a 5lb 2oz Rainbow with a length of 21 inches, was caught by Alan Dean - Well done Alan!

  • Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery

    Pairs Challenge Round I 9th March 2019 · Report by Scott Benton

    It was a an extremely windy day but lots of fish were caught and really good fighting fish too. Six pairs took part in this match

    Peter Thomason and Keith Nicholson won the day with Graham Morgan Plumb and Andy Stoner second, Ray Burt and Mark Tremain-Coker were third

    Junior partners Eddie and James did well catching 3 between them

    • 1 - Keith Nicholson & Peter Thomason
    • 2 - Graham Morgan Plumb & Andy Stoner
    • 3 - Ray Burt & Mark Tremain-Coker