Awarded by the Chairman for service to the society or outstanding achievement

YearWinner's Name
1992Roger Farley
1993Ron Lewis
1994Keith Nicholson
1995Rudi Birkby
1996Alex Nicholson
1997Nigel Turner
1998Mick Priest
1999Keith Lyne
2000Keith Nicholson
2001Andy Sawyer
2002Nigel Turner
2003Keith Nicholson & Vince Brooks
2004Joel Beeney & Sean Brooks
2005Andy Sawyer & Mick Priest
2006Keith Nicholson
2007Lyn & Colin Findley
2008Bob Holland & Marc George
2009Keith Lawrence
2010Jim McGonigle
2011Andy Stoner & Alan Martin
2012Micky Heasman
2013Colin Finley
2014Ron Lewis, Keith Nicholson, Mick Priest & Andy Sawyer
2015Andy Sawyer
2016Mark Tremain-Coker & Peter Thomason
2017Bob Holland
2018Scott Benton
2019Suzanne Stoner & April Heasman
2021Marc George
2022Graham Morgan Plumb
2023Harry Collins