Awarded on a points system over the course of the season

YearWinner's NameRunner-up
1992Keith NicholsonMick Priest
1993Keith NicholsonGary Priest
1994Gary PriestKeith Lyne
1995Gary PriestKeith Nicholson
1996Keith NicholsonAndy Sawyer
1997Gary PriestKeith Lyne
1998Keith NicholsonAndy Sawyer
1999Mick PriestAndy Sawyer
2000Gary PriestMick Priest
2001Gary PriestRon Lewis
2002Gary PriestVince Brooks
2003Keith NicholsonJason Watkins
2004Keith LawrenceJoel Beeney
2005Vince BrooksMick Priest
2006Mick PriestPeter Thomason
2007Bob HollandPeter Thomason
2008Mick PriestScott Benton
2009Bob Holland Scott Benton & Peter Thomason
2010Richard LovettMicky Dwyer
2011Richard LovettScott Benton
2012Bob Holland James Dench
2013Peter ThomasonIan Watts
2014Ray BurtMartyn Gray
2015Ray BurtBob Shaw
2016Ray BurtIan Watts
2017Ray BurtMartyn Gray
2018Ray BurtJohn Hancock