• Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery

    Keith Lyne Fur & Feather Trophy 9th December 2017 · Report by Mickey Heasman

    The final event of the TWFFS 2017 season the Fur and Feather took place at Chalybeate Springs fishery on Saturday 9th December. It was a lovely sunny but properly freezing cold winter’s day and the 14 anglers in attendance were well wrapped up against the cold - breakfast rolls and hip flasks also helped to keep the cold in check

    Fishing started slowly and it took a while for the right method to be found - yours truly never found it though we won’t dwell on that

    Graham Morgan-Plumb got the action started with the first fish swiftly followed by another racing into an early lead. Peter Thomason, Ron Lewis and Ian Watts rising to the challenge as tactics began to be worked out - much reliance on fishing near to the corner of the outlet as this seemed to be where most fish were holding

    As we approached the finish time of 13:00 it became a two-horse race - no Ron and Ian don’t look like or move like horses but you get my drift - I hope. Ian Watts finished with time to spare and 6 fish to the net. Ron Lewis needed until his last swim to catch his final fish so we had 2 anglers with a maximum - was this going to be close!

    The weigh-in was tense and it was not so close with 1kg separating Ron and Ian and we have a new name on the Fur and Feather trophy and a first ever event win for founder member Ron Lewis - very well done Ron! Congratulations to Ian Watts on his runner-up and for making it a close competition

    After a raffle which raised £80 for the Society - well done and thanks to Andy Stoner for organising - we all departed for the nearby Huntsman pub for much needed warming food and beer and we weren’t disappointed with a very fine beef, mushroom and ale pie followed by pear and blackberry crumble - yum yum!

    Final Result

    • Winner - Ron Lewis 6 fish 6.6kg
    • Runner-up - Ian Watts 6 fish 5.6kg

    A total of 30 fish caught on the day - well done all

    Congratulations to all of our anglers on the day and many thanks to Jim and Cathy at Chalybeate for looking after us all splendidly once again

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all

  • Elinor Fishery

    11th November 2017 · Report by Micky Heasman

    Ten TWFFS members left home comforts and ventured north to the fabled Elinor trout water. Weather down south was atrocious with torrential rain making driving extremely hazardous. Thankfully, as we got to the other side of the Dartford tunnel the weather improved and as we neared our breakfast stop at Thrapston, the rain had ceased and the weather looked excellent for our day’s fishing

    As usual, Elinor looked superb and the water was vodka clear - (thought I'd use another spirit rather than Gin) although the fishery manager said that fishing had been tough over the past week. Fish came to the net throughout the day and the best sport was had from the dam, the gravel bar and Brookside: the latter and Brookside Point proving to be the most productive with Ray Burt, John Hancock, Ian Watts and Martyn Gray all catching their limits. Keith and Cassi Lawrence had a good day from the dam area but it was Keith Nicholson who topped the rankings fishing from the gravel bar and landing a splendid 5lb 12oz fish to help push his overall bag weight to top spot. 43 fish came to the net giving a very healthy rod average of 4 for the day

    Well done to all!

    Results for the day:

    • 1 Keith Nicholson – 5 fish 12lb 4oz
    • 2 Keith Lawrence – 5 fish 11lb 3oz
    • 3 Martyn Gray – 5 fish 10lb 12oz
    • 4 Ian Watts - 5 fish 10lb 4oz
    • 5 Ray Burt - 5 fish 9lb 10oz
    • 6 John Hancock - 5 fish 9lb 4oz

    The top six qualify for points awards in the Society Championship the remaining participants receive an automatic award of 2 points each:

    • Micky Heasman
    • Mark Tremain-Coker
    • Graham Morgan-Plumb
    • Cassi Lawrence
  • Draycote

    30th September 2017 · Report by Peter Thomason for Mark Tremain-Coker

    Eight members fished Draycote Water, near Rugby. This exceptional fishery has produced excellent quality fish and responds well to nymph and dry-fly fishing as well as the more mundane Blobs and lures. This visit was no exception with good cloud cover providing promising conditions for the dries. However, nothing is reliable in fishing (or we would get very bored) and only a few fish were caught on CDC emerger patterns with the majority falling to Blobs. A total of 36 fish came to the net and the most successful lines were either midge tips or slow intermediates. As this was a Championship event, all participants were awarded points and these have been added to the Championship table elsewhere on the web site. The results were:

    • 1 Bob Shaw
    • 2 Russell Bell
    • 3 Martyn Gray
    • 4 Ray Burt
    • 5 Graham Morgan-Plumb
    • 6 Ian Watts
    • 7 Mark Tremain-Coker
    • 8 Richard Lovett

    A good day’s fishing was enjoyed by all!

  • Albury Park Estate, Vale End Fishery

    27th September 2017 · Report by Peter Thomason

    The venue for this midweek event was a substitute for the originally planed visit to Rib Valley fishery which due to draining and removal of coarse fish, had to be postponed

    The Albury Estate lies between Gomshall and Guildford and has three separate fisheries. On advice from the estate, the two lakes and river at Vale End were chosen for this visit. There is an interesting ticketing arrangement where visitors are charged £3 for an entry card which will open the electronic gates to each of the fisheries (this is a one-off charge and the entry card can be used on future visits). There is then a day fishing charge of £12 and the choice purchasing tokens for two, three or four fish. If the selected number of fish are not caught on that visit, the unused tokens can be used on a future visit.

    Four TWFFS members attended the event:

    • Ray Burt
    • John Hancock
    • Keith Nicholson
    • Peter Thomason

    Each chose the four-fish option. The water in both the large and small lakes was clear and a good head of fish could be seen in both as well as in the little River Tillingbourne. Using a variety of methods, all four of us caught our bag limits with good quality and hard fighting fish averaging nearly 3lb. Ray Burt demonstrated his considerable skills sight fishing with small nymphs for cruising fish. Small dry flies, nymphs and Blue Flash Damsel nymphs accounted for the fish taken by the rest of the party

    The fishery is very well maintained and set in attractive countryside. There is ample parking and plenty of space for casting. The bailiffs visit regularly during the day and are friendly and helpful with advice, including details of a local pub willing to purchase the catch if required. Not surprisingly, the day ended with a visit to the hostelry where the excellent Hog’s Back brewery’s TEA (Traditional English Ale) provided fitting refreshment at the end of a very enjoyable day at an interesting fishery

  • Bewl Water

    Nigel Turner Cup 23rd September 2017 · Report by Peter Thomason

    The Society’s annual floating line competition was fished by eight members at Bewl Water:

    • Russell Bell
    • Ray Burt
    • Dave Crouch
    • Ray French
    • John Hancock
    • Mick Priest
    • Peter Thomason
    • Ian Watts

    The water levels at Bewl were low and the day started with a bright cloudless sky and little breeze: conditions that were not propitious for a good day's fishing and the experience of hard fishing in the Grand Max competition a few days before did not raise any expectations!

    Dauntless, the most competitors took to their boats with the majority making for the parched upper end of Bewl Strait where the majority of fish had been taken in the Grand Max competition. This proved a wise choice despite having to share a very limited area of water with the Saturday rowing fraternity where tolerance and good humour enabled both groups to enjoy their chosen pursuits. By lunchtime a few fish had been taken and information shared regarding successful patterns. We were fortunate that by the afternoon the breeze had freshened and there was good cloud cover. Unsurprisingly, the fishing improved and what had been very hard became reasonably difficult! The overall results reflect the conditions with a total of 24 fish being caught and two competitors finishing the day without fish. The size of the fish was good with John Hancock catching the biggest, weighing 4lb 8oz

    Winner of the Nigel Turner Trophy for 2017 is John Hancock whose 4 fish weighed a total of 13lb 14oz

    The runner-up was Russell Bell with 5 fish weighing 13lb 6oz

    Despite the conditions, an enjoyable day was had by all, completed by our traditional visit to The Chequers in Lamberhurst for some well-earned thirst-quenching

  • Bewl Water

    Pairs Cup 10th September 2017 · Report by Russell Bell

    A good turnout of members attended at Bewl for the 2017 competition, which as usual started with a solid breakfast and some bruising banter. Unfortunately your Chairman was automatically disqualified for being careless enough to turn up without a boat partner, but following a quick adjustment to the drawn pairings, we set off in various directions in search of our prey

    By lunchtime, Hook Straight, the Dam, Chingley and Ferry Point had all been explored with very limited success, and only 4 fish netted amongst 9 anglers

    In an effort to increase the competitive stakes, new rules were debated over lunch, with one point to be allocated for a follow, two for a tap, three for a pull, four for a fish on and off, and six for a fish in the boat. On that basis Mick Priest claimed he would have had at least 20 points by then, but when that was challenged by a discrete raspberry from his boat partner, the idea was abandoned!!

    So, after an enjoyable break fuelled by Lee Gallant’s claret and a profitable raffle we headed out as optimistic as ever – well almost ...

    Inevitably things just got worse! Winds increased to a blustery 20+mph, squalls of rain came through and the fish remained as elusive as ever. Various methods and areas were explored with the fish still fairly high in the water but apparently just not feeding, perhaps explained by water temperature on the surface well above the usual 20 degree threshold

    Eventually, some willing rainbows were found off Chingley, and those caught were of good size and in sound condition. After a very swift weigh-in and a sprint to the Chequers, the following results were recorded:

    • 1 Nick Cox & Ian Watts 4 fish 10lb 1oz
    • 2 Ray French & Ralph Painter 2 fish 7lb 6oz
    • 3 Peter Thomason & Lee Gallant 1 fish 3lb 0oz
    • 4 Mick Priest & Dave Crouch 1 fish 2lb 12oz
    • 5 Russell Bell & Captain Nemo 0 fish
  • Bewl Water

    2nd September 2017 · Report by Peter Thomason on behalf of Scott Benton

    Nine members fished this event. Results give an indication of the tough nature of the fishing. Bewl has seen dropping water levels with warm and coloured water. Despite regular and generous stocking levels, these conditions have proved challenging. After a difficult day, an easier time was enjoyed over post-match drinks!


    • 1 Mark Tremain-Coker 2 fish 4lb 12oz
    • 2 Mick Priest 2 fish 4lb 2oz
    • 3 Scott Benton 1 fish 3lb
    • 4 Russell Bell 1 fish 2lb 12oz
    • 5 Dave Crouch 1 fish 2lb 8oz
    • 6 Martyn Gray 1 fish 1lb 11oz

    Ray Burt, James Dench and Neil Osmond were all fishless but as this event contributed to the Society's Championship they were all awarded points eachparticipating

    We look forward to improved fishing at Bewl with the onset of cooler autumn weather

  • Bewl Water

    Corrib Cup 17th June 2017 · Report by Mick Priest

    Only 6 members turned out to fish one of the clubs main Trophy’s of the season

    After breakfast and with the knowledge that the fishing would be hard the forecast being for very hot and bright conditions with little or no breeze we all set of for the morning session

    At lunch fortunes had varied and having taken a gamble to go to the end of hook straight myself and Dave Crouch found a lot of fish feeding hard on the jelly fry in very shallow water which we took advantage of, others however had found the fishing far more challenging with only a few being caught

    After deciding to finish at 4pm due to the conditions we set of again for the final session and at the end of play a few more fish had come to the net with Ray Burt find some feeding fish between sinfoils point and the old cages

    The end result was:

    • 1 Dave Crouch 8 fish 22lb 4oz
    • 2 Mick Priest 8 fish 19lb 0oz
    • 3 Ray Burt 7 fish 17lb 4oz
    • 4 Martyn Gray 2 fish 5lb 4oz
    • 5 Graham Plumb 1 fish 2lb 3oz
    • Lee Galant blanked

    Best fish went to Ray Burt with a rainbow of 3lb 7oz

    Afterwards in keeping with the tradition of the club 4 members adjourned to the Chequers pub in Lamberhurst village for a few well deserved beers

  • Powdermill Reservoir

    27th May 2017 · Report by Peter Thomason

    Seven members fished this weekend event, four choosing to fish from the boats and three from the bank

    We had hoped the mayfly would be hatching in good numbers but were disappointed on this visit with just a few showing near the dam

    The day commenced with a brief and turbulent thunder storm which fortunately passed over whilst arranging our day tickets in the shelter of the fishing lodge. The weather for the remainder of the day was generally sunny with some cloud cover and light breezes from the south and south-west. The bright conditions demanded fishing with fast intermediate lines later changing to slow intermediates as the cloud increased. Successful flies were wet mayflies and Dabblers which some of the party frequently use on trips to Ireland. Small Blobs fished with Cruncher and Diawl Bach patterns also proved successful despite being looked down upon by those who chose the more imitative wet mayfly patterns!

    A total of 29 fish were landed giving a rod average of 4.1 and an average weight of 2lb. All of the fish were in excellent condition and fought well for their size

    Best bag of the day went to Peter Thomason with a limit bag of six fish for 12lb 6oz caught from a boat. The best bag from the bank was taken by Mick Priest with six fish for 10lb 12oz

    In usual TWFFS tradition, the day ended over a relaxing pint in the nearby Queen's Head in Seddlescombe

  • Powdermill Reservoir

    17th May 2017 · Report by Peter Thomason

    There was a good attendance for this mid-week event, probably because of the venue and reports that the mayfly hatch had started. Nine members fished:

    • Russell Bell
    • Ray Burt
    • Dave Crouch
    • Gary Collins
    • James Dench
    • John Hancock
    • Bob Holland
    • Mick Priest
    • Peter Thomason

    Seven fished from boats and two from the bank, with one boat fisher changing to bank in the afternoon

    With bright conditions for much of the day, the fish were not very inclined to take floating patterns with any confidence and nymphs and wet flies fished on slow and fast intermediate lines proved the most productive methods. Some of the party resorted to small Tequila or Biscuit Blobs fished in combination with nymphs or wet mayfly patterns. Those that did, insisted they were fished imitatively!

    Late afternoon saw a change of conditions with good cloud cover and a steady breeze. This quickly brought the fish to the surface and good sport was enjoyed with dry mayfly patterns for the last hour or so

    All who attended caught fish including six limit bags. The fish were all in very good condition, fought well and averaged between 2lb and 3lb. In addition to enjoying good quality fishing on this attractive and peaceful reservoir, we had the great pleasure of seeing a number of hobbies (rare small summer visiting hawks) seeking flies around the treetops

    The day produced a total of 45 fish in addition to those that were lost. In true TWFFS tradition, several of the party reviewed the day over a relaxing pint in the comfort of The Queen's Head in Seddlescombe. Our next visit to Powdermill will be on Saturday 27 May when we hope for more cloudy conditions and fun with the dry flies.

  • Farmoor

    14th May 2017 · Report byRussell Bell

    Seven members arrived for breakfast, with most not having fished this venue before, so a bit of an expeditionary outing for some, although reports from Gary Collins of his past adventures and huge lumps caught on Farmoor 1 soon had us drooling.

    Unfortunately we were booked onto Farmoor 2, and on arrival your intrepid organiser immediately got a bollocking from the charming young man in the Fishing Lodge for not having reduced our boat requirement from 6 (previously reduced from 8) to 4

    A lesson to be learned there for the future at all venues, especially as the punishment meted out to your chairman was to be given a boat with no petrol but half filled with water (as were all the others)

    Anyway, we soon headed out in search of our prey, and some had early success on slowly fished nymphs which were taken hard by excellent quality fish, but none of any exceptional size. Then the inevitable happened, and Dr Burt, who had struggled initially, soon found “the method” which was lures on a DI5 pulled rolly poley style (what else?) which brought him unabated success throughout the day

    Others copied and found similar success, while a few stuck to the nymphs and eventually did well.

    So a very successful day for most, at a venue to be visited again for sure, although hopefully we’ll receive a more courteous welcome next time

    The results, in this Points match, were as follows:

    • 1 Ray Burt 6 fish 14lb 6oz
    • 2 Mark Tremain Coker 6 fish 16lb 0oz
    • 3 Russell Bell 6 fish 15lb 9oz
    • 4 Lee Gallant 6 fish 15lb 8oz
    • 5 Gary Collins 6 fish 14lb 6oz
    • 6 Martyn Gray 6 fish 12lb 4oz
    • 7 James Dench 3 fish 9lb 4oz
  • Chigboro Trout Fishery

    30th April 2017 · Report by Mark Tremain-Coker

    Seven TWFFS members fished this Championship event at the popular and productive Chigboro fishery in Essex. The day commenced with bright conditions accompanied by a strong SE wind which persisted for the whole day. Andy Stoner and Mark Tremain-Coker chose to fish the more open Rook Hall lake and the remaining five members fished the more sheltered Home Water. The fish were holding in the top three feet of water and successful methods were Buzzers fished on the "washing line" with floating lines with some fish also being taken on Damsel and Cat's Whisker patterns

    As is often the pattern on small waters, fishing slowed during the afternoon session but good quantities of fish were taken, including five blue trout by Mark Tremain-Coker all of which put up tremendous fights. Mark capped his day with a rainbow of 5lb with a tail like a shovel

    As this event contributed to the Society’s Championship points, it was agreed to kill and weigh the first two fish caught by each individual and subsequent fish were released but counted as 2lb each to the individual’s total weight. The results were:

    • 1 Mark Tremain-Coker 3lb 11oz plus 14 released fish
    • 2 Ray Burt 3lb 5oz plus 10 released fish
    • 3 Martyn Gray 3lb 2oz plus 6 released fish
    • 4 Andy Stoner 4lb 14oz plus 5 released fish
    • 5 John Hancock 4lb 3oz plus 4 released fish
    • 6 Alan Dean 4lb 7oz with no released fish
    • 7 Graham Morgan Plum 1lb 5oz with no released fish

    A good day was enjoyed by all with a total of 52 fish caught

  • Bewl Water

    6th May 2017 · Report by Russell Bell

    Seven members ventured out on a brisk May morning, with the usual advice as to the recent whereabouts of the fish – Chingley, Hook House, the Dam, Seven Pound Creek, the Gorse Bushes, Canoe Club etc, etc, all of which was taken with a little pinch of salt

    As usual, the morning session proved the more productive, with Nick Cox and Ray French leading the way, but after an envigorating lunch break with wine kindly provided by new member Lee Gallant some of those who struggled in the morning were able to remedy things a little in the afternoon

    Sooty (still relying on his Russian watch?) managed to roll in a little late, but since it was a friendly day, no controversy ensued, even after he'd managed to ram the jetty a couple of times on arrival. There was some debate about the biggest fish however, with Ian Watts weighing a lovely rainbow at 4lbs 8oz, while Nick, doing the gentlemanly catch and release thing, had it on affidavit evidence from Ray that he'd netted a 5lb 2oz specimen but released it unharmed to fight again another day

    Schoolboy error of the day was Dave Crouch throwing his life jacket into the boat at lunchtime, but missing!

    The good news was that it worked and self-inflated successfully!

    The final result, with most fish caught on small blobs and nymphs and as predicted on wide ranging parts of the reservoir, was:

    • Nick Cox 10 fish
    • Ray French 8 fish
    • Ian Watts 6 fish
    • Russell Bell 6 fish
    • John Hancock 4 fish
    • Dave Crouch 2 fish (but carelessly losing 4 in the process...)
    • Lee Gallant 1 fish
  • Bewl Water

    15th April · Report by Keith Lawrence

    This was one of those difficult days in early spring that are often and mysteriously mixed with days of excellent fishing. Cold nights may have affected the water and we know that fish are often slow to settle after changeable conditions. This was reflected in the results! Having the event on Easter Saturday also had its effect on the numbers who fished with the total of seven being lower than usual for this time of year

    Despite this, the day was enjoyed by all with the quantity of banter making up for the paucity of fish!

    11 fish were caught in total but all were good quality. The best fish of the day, captured by Dave Crouch weighed in at 3lb 4oz

    The positions on the day and their Championship points awards were:

    • 1 Sean Brooks 7 fish 18lb 10oz
    • 2 Ray French 2 fish 6lb 0oz
    • 3 Dave Crouch 1 fish 3lb 4oz
    • 4 John Hancock 1 fish 2lb 1oz
  • Bewl Water

    Dave Clarke Cup 2nd April 2017 · Report by Andy Stoner

    The Society's annual bank competition at Bewl reservoir for the Dave Clarke Cup took place on Sunday 2nd April 2017. Eleven members attended and some of us partook of a breakfast overlooking a quite serene water, with clear blue skies and temperature rising. The general consensus was to go over to Ferry Point so we had the option of quite a large area for bank fishing

    On arriving at our destination we were surprised at how chilly and breezy the NNE wind was hitting the bank. Numbers were drawn and the participants went off to find the fish. The morning was challenging and not a lot of fish were showing and difficult to entice. A lot of boats were out and most were congregated over at Chingley. By lunchtime the temperature was rising and the water was calm. A few of the chaps had caught. In the afternoon the wind had changed to an easterly direction: so, testing conditions. Various methods and flies were used. Slow sinking, floating and sink-tip lines, Boobies, Blobs and Buzzers the successful patterns. Out of the 11 who attended, 7 managed to catch

    The result was as follows:

    • 1 Ray Burt 5 fish 13lb 10oz
    • 2 Sean Brooks and Mick Priest 5 fish 13lb 5oz
    • 4 James Dench 3 fish 10lb 5oz
    • 5 Martyn Gray 2 fish 7lb 2oz
    • 6 Andy Stoner 2 fish 5lb 6oz

    Best fish was caught by Martyn Gray, a nice 4lb 14oz fish

    The four remaining fishermen didn't catch but still obtain points for turning out. My thanks to the members who turned out for a testing day's fishing and contributing to the Club's funds by taking part in the raffle

  • Rib Valley Fishery

    18th March 2017 · Report by Mark Tremain-Coker

    The first Championship event of the season was held at this attractive and productive fishery. A total of sx members fished on quite a gusty day. Most fish were taken from the lee bank, casting into the wind and successful flies were Buzzers, Tadpoles, Blobs, Damsels and floating midge with intermediate lines

    The new rules regarding TWFFS competitive events applied, with the first two fish caught and killed and subsequent fish released but contributing 2lb per fish to the individual's result

    • 1 Ray Burt 4.2lb +26 released
    • 2 Richard Lovett 3.9lb +21 released
    • 3 Martyn Gray 4.10lb +15 released
    • 4 Micky Heasman 4.8lb +12 released
    • 5 Mark Tremain-Coker 4.6lb +6 released
    • 6 Dave Cahill 4.0lb +2 released

    The new points system for the Championship also applied to this and all subsequent Championship events for 2017: All participants are awarded 2 championship points and the first six places are awarded 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, and 3 points respectively

    An enjoyable day was had by all

  • Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery

    Pairs Challenge Round I 11th March 2017 · Report by Keith Nicholson

    The first round of the 2017 Chalybeate Pairs took place on Saturday the 11th of March. There were seven pairs fishing in this round with two only having one angler as permitted by the rules

    As usual, breakfast rolls plus tea and coffee were served before the match began. The draw for starting pegs was made and the competition began at 9am

    Action was unusually slow for the first hour or so but as the day warmed the fish began to oblige. Takes were few but when you got one the fish generally remained hooked. By lunchtime almost all had a fish or two in the bag. The afternoon session was even slower than the morning but that isn’t unusual for Chalybeate

    Micky Heasman enjoyed the most success in the morning and caught 5 fish on a blue flash damsel and was well supported by Alan Dean with 2 fish. Keith Nicholson and Peter Thomason caught 4 and 3 respectively, both used an Apps Bloodworm to good effect. The other competitors had bagged 1 or 2 fish by lunchtime

    As mentioned, the fishing was harder after lunch but Alan Dean continued to perform well and caught another 2 fish and Keith Nicholson took 2 more on a Cats Whisker in the last 20 minutes of the competition. Keith Lawrence and Ray Burt both ended with 3 fish apiece

    Hard fishing but an enjoyable day in the warm sunshine and in good company

    The next round will be held on Saturday the 1st of July and there are vacancies for 3 more teams to enter. The two best results out of the three rounds count towards the trophy so any pairs entering for both the 2nd and 3rd rounds can still win

    Results of Round 1

    • 1 Keith Nicholson & Peter Thomason – 9 fish 8.43kg · 12 points
    • 2 Micky Heasman & Alan Dean – 9 fish 6.98kg · 10 points
    • 3 Keith Lawrence (Ron Lewis unable to fish) 3 fish 3.63kg · 8 points
    • 4 Ray French & Martyn Gray 4 fish 3.53kg · 7 points
    • 5 Ray Burt & Mark Tremain-Coker 4 fish 3.11kg · 6 points
    • 6 Graham Morgan-Plum & Chris Ball 3 fish 2.51kg · 5 points
    • 7 Andy Stoner (Scott Benton unable to fish) 2 fish 2.4kg · 4 points