• Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery

    Fur & Feather Cup 6th December 2014 · Report by Micky Heasman

    Sixteen anglers turned out on a wonderful frosty and clear morning at Chalybeate Springs for the annual TWFFS Fur & Feather event. Hot Coffee and breakfast rolls were much needed on this cold bright day

    Fishing in pairs, anglers anticipation of some good fishing after a cold snap was well rewarded with good fish coming to the net regularly

    Our Chairman Peter Thomason put down an early, and as it turned out an unbeatable marker, for best fish with a quite superbly conditioned 6lb 9oz rainbow trout. A good number of 3, 4 and 5lb fish also came to the net

    Four anglers were catching fish steadily, Peter Thomason, Andy Sawyer, Joel Beaney and Paul Wade - it was clear that the Furry Cup winner was going to go to one of these 4 finely tuned and supercharged fishermen

    The other 12 could only watch and admire these chaps go about their fly fishing business of chasing the cup - and boy does this little chalice take some filling at the annual Dinner Dance

    Time was called and the weigh-in was a tense affair - who would the winner be? It was close but our winner with a splendid 6 fish and a total bag weight of 17lb was Andy Sawyer - hearty congratulations from all attendance. Second place went to Peter Thomason with a bag weight of 14lb 6oz which included that wonderful 6lb 9oz specimen. Third place went to Joel Beaney with a bag weight of 13lb 8oz and forth place to Paul Wade with a bag weight of 11lb 0oz

    After a splendidly supported raffle and special thanks to Jim Streeter for looking after us all so well on the day we departed for the Huntsmen pub where we were royally looked after with an exceptional beef stew and dumplings followed by spotted dick and custard - a perfect end to a perfect days fishing (well for some anyways)

    Andy, we all look forward to what you put into the Fur and Feather Cup at the Jubilee Dinner Dance on the 28th Feb 2015. Three cheers to TWFFS

    • 1 Andy Sawyer 17lb 0oz
    • 2 Peter Thomason 14lb 6oz

    Best fish Peter Thomason with a 6lb 9oz rainbow

  • Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery

    Reg Littlechild Cup 23rd November 2014 · Report by Andy Sawyer

    An excellent turn out with 18 members fishing the only downside was the weather with rain, rain and more rain. Jim did his normal breakfast rolls which where enjoyed by all

    We started fishing at nine and fish were caught almost straight away. By lunchtime the sort had slowed but fish being caught steadily

    At lunch we held a raffle with excellent prizes donated by members and the proceeds some £135 being donated to Reg's favorite charity The Hospice in the Weald

    The afternoon saw the weather get worse and due to the lack of light we weighed in at 15:20pm

    The results are as follows:

    • 1 John Hancock 7 fish 14lb 0oz
    • 2 Richard Lovett 5 fish 8lb 14oz
    • 3 Ron Lewis 4 fish 8lb 4oz
  • Lower Itchen Fishery

    15th November 2014 · Report by Russell Bell

    Itchen and Scratchin'

    Well there were ten of us, then the excuses came in ...

    Gary Collins got a heavy date on the Friday which these days means a long recovery time, Micky Heasman put his back out doing something physical, hopefully on home ground, Richard Denny decided to kill a bambi on the way and trash his car (he survived intact), and Bill Rankin never did get his website access sorted!

    So then there were six. Well sort of ...

    New member "Gerry" turned up - a really friendly guy who was warmly welcomed by us all, but who promptly disappeared as soon as he met Ray Burt - or maybe he was looking for a different Tunbridge Wells club? Who knows, but it did mean that there were more of Chef Laurence’s excellent bacon rolls to go round, so no-one really complained

    So with full bellies and hope in our hearts, the Famous Five headed out on a beautiful morning to seek out the Ladies of the Stream. After several days of heavy rain, the river was at full height, at some spots already above the level of the track leading down to our parking area. But the sun came out, the mist cleared, water visibility was pretty good and as usual Mr Burt led the way with his French leader, stripey strike indicator and pink flies - nothing weird there at all!

    He was immediately disqualified from any competitive element of the day however, when he confessed that he had gone on a practice day to Elinor before the last and decisive points day of the season. Practice day at Elinor?? Surely grounds for a stewards' enquiry!!

    Most of us caught fish, with Keith adopting the time-honoured tactic of hooking a sea trout while on the phone to Diane and Russell taking a nice grayling, dropping it into a bed of nettles then being stung repeatedly while trying to retrieve it - there is a fish god after all ...


    • Ray Burt
    • Keith Laurence
    • Alan Dean
    • Dave Cahill
    • Russell Bell
    • Gerry
  • Elinor Trout Fishery

    8th November 2014 · Report by Andy Sawyer

    Seven members braved the bad weather forecast to fish at Elinor. With 40 mph winds and heavy rain forecast we were surprised to see a bright dry morning

    Fishing was prolific for some and by lunch two members had bagged up

    During the afternoon session the weather got worse with strong winds and heavy rain for a while but we still managed to fish

    All in all a much better enjoyable day than was anticipated

    At the weigh-in Micky Heasman had had a bonanza afternoon and had caught 16 fish

    Full results as follows:

    • 1 Micky Heasman 6 fish 15lb 2oz
    • 2 Ray Burt 6 fish 11lb 4oz
    • 3 Martyn Gray 6 fish 11lb 0oz
    • 4 Andy Sawyer 5 fish 9lb 10oz
    • 5 Peter Thomason caught more but only weighed in one fish a rainbow of 4lb 6oz
  • Lower Itchen Fishery

    1st November 2014 · Report by Peter Thomason

    An early start is needed to complete the journey in time to have breakfast in the anglers' kitchen at the imposing mill on this extensive and interesting fishery. Most of the eleven members who made the journey arrived in time to enjoy the Chairman's "Masterchef" production of bacon rolls and tea: only one went to the wrong location but managed to arrive by the time we commenced fishing

    The quarry at this time of year is grayling and the method is the now standard Czech or French nymph technique fishing a team of leaded nymphs at short range through the likely lies. Most of our members are fairly new to these methods and we were very pleased to have the ready help and advice of Ray Burt and Bill Rankin: two experts who are very generous in sharing their knowledge

    The river was in good form with just a hint of colour from recent rain. Fish could be seen over the gravel bars and the keeper had told us that numbers of sea trout and salmon had moved into the fishery. With the help of Ray and Bill, most of us fished two heavy nymphs, using long, light rods, pitching the flies only a leader length away and keeping in close contact as they trundled through the holding places. The technique demands close attention and any slight movement of the leader needs a quick response. The prize is the elegant grayling with its slim profile and sail-like dorsal fin. Our mentors were successful in enabling all of us to catch fish and confirmed their own expert status by each catching a good bag nearing or exceeding double figures. For those moments between fish, the gentle surrounding countryside provided much of interest, including the spectacle of a group of rooks mercilessly mobbing a buzzard who strayed too close to their roost

    We look forward to another visit to this fishery on 15th November

  • Bewl Water Reservoir

    19th October 2014 · Report by Mick Priest

    Fifteen members fished our last Bewl event for the 2014 season on what was, to be, a very windy day

    After breakfast most boats choose the area around the cages, the main bowl being very uncomfortable fishing and as suspected the fish proved a bit on the finicky side but by lunch members had caught

    The afternoon session proved no better with the wind even stronger but fish were again caught coming mostly to boobies and hoppers on floaters or slow intermediates and at the end of play 56 fish had been caught for a rod average of 3.7 with 3 members blanking

    Bob Shaw and Nick Cox both managed their 8 fish limit with Bob Shaw the winner on the day with 8 fish for 18lb 7.5oz just beating Nick by 4.5oz

    The best fish went to Marc Tremain Coker with a rainbow of 3lb 8oz

    Needless to say the day was rounded off by a few of us with a well deserved beer in the Brown Trout

    Many thanks to all who attended and tight lines to you all

  • Magical Mystery Tour of Midlands

    11th October 2014 · Report by Russell Bell

    Roll up roll up for the Mystery Tour!!

    The TWFFS Magical Mystery Tour of Midlands waters began on Saturday the 11th October with a visit to Grafham for our club points competition. Eight members started the day with a fine breakfast at the Wheatsheaf and gently meandered towards the water for a 9.15am start

    With the majority of our group staying over for a further two days fishing and not desperate about lugging a load of dead fish around in overheated cars, a novel way of recording catches for the competition had to be found. The solution was to measure fish caught with measuring tapes presented to each pair, with sheets to record catches, duly witnessed by one's boat partner

    With the usual jokes about what Mrs Burt is told is a full 9 inches, and at least one member (sorry!) trying to record in centimetres to gain a tactical advantage, the experiment was a success on the day, with the only concern being whether the measurement could be done quickly without unduly distressing the fish. All fish were returned relatively unharmed however with the majority being caught on daddies and hoppers with the occasional fry patterns thrown in

    The top 5 match results were as follows:

    • 1 Martyn Gray 4 fish measuring 70 inches
    • 2 Russell Bell 4 fish measuring 67 inches
    • 3 Mark Coker 4 fish measuring 59 inches
    • 4 Bob Holland 3 fish measuring 50 inches
    • 5 Ray Burt 2 fish measuring 32 inches

    Prize for biggest fish went to Peter Thomason for his 19 inch singleton. Oooh Matron!!

    And so to the Court House Inn in Thrapston which used to incorporate the local police station and jail, making the cops and lawyers in the party feel right at home! We were joined by Keith Lawrence for the evening and the next day, and following an excellent curry in what from the outside looked a pretty dodgy location, we returned to the Inn for even more beers and some live music

    This split the party somewhat with the geriatrics retiring to bed, Andrew Hope and Mark Coker getting stuck at the bar having a more and more incoherent conversation about rods, and Keith and Russell pogo-ing away to the sound of the Cortinas. A good night enjoyed by all – well maybe not Bob once Mark had found his bed and his "night music" voice - or Keith whose bed seemed to be of the man-eating variety (I.e. folding, but not in a good way...)

    On Sunday we headed off after another good breakfast to Draycote in a thick fog. This made comparing notes at lunchtime a bit difficult, since no-one really knew where they'd been. To add to the confusion, Keith and Mark insisted on catching Browns in Rainbow Bay including one excellent 4 pounder for Keith. In the afternoon the pattern changed a little, with Ray French and Peter Thomason pulling in 7 and 6 fish respectively sitting out of the wind at the top of Tofts, and Mark braving the elements again and pulling a total of 5 out of Rainbow to an interesting combination of minkie boobies and nymphs

    On arriving back to the Court House we enjoyed a good dinner of Hot Rocks steaks (self cooked on very hot volcanic platters) and were heading for a quieter evening until our venerable chairman decided that a bottle of Talisker behind the bar had to be attacked. After a few drams we hit the hay, more than a bit concerned about the hurricane forecasts for the next day. Our intention had been to return to Grafham, but at dawn it was obvious that the conditions were against us, and even a quick visit to Elinor (just up the road) couldn't persuade our brave members to get out of their cars and cast a fly

    The journey home was pretty horrendous (gales, rain, Monday traffic, incidents on the M1, M11 and M25) but we all got home safely and I think that most will be up for the trip again next year, when hopefully we'll get in a full 3 days fishing

  • Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery

    Pairs Challenge Round III 5th October 2014 · Report by Keith Nicholson

    The third and final round of the Chalybeate Pairs took place on the 5th of October. There were 8 teams fishing this round of the prestigious Chalybeate Pairs Trophy kindly donated by fishery manager Jim Streeter

    The weather on the day turned out to be warm and sunny after the first nights frost of the winter. Unfortunately the rain that fell during the preceding day or two had affected the clarity of the water

    Because of the water conditions and sunny weather most of the competitors elected to fish slow sink of intermediate lines. Lures were the order of the day and fished relatively slowly to give the fish a chance of seeing them

    As expected the fishing was slow and it wasn’t until mid-morning that fish were caught with any regularity. The majority of fish were caught on the east side of the lake with the shallower end producing the best fishing. Successful flies were mainly black minkies, tadpole type lures and tequila or orange blobs

    Four teams had a realistic chance of winning the competition outright. As the day progressed it was becoming a close race for first place on the day and for overall winners between the teams of Scott Benton/Andy Stoner and Peter Thomason/Keith Nicholson. Both teams were catching fish for fish through the day which was going to make the results particularly interesting

    By the end of the competition Scott and Andy had forged ahead to win the day with 8 fish and Peter and Keith were second with 6 fish. This meant that there would be a tie on total points over the three rounds of the competition between these 2 pairs. It was necessary to carry out a count back on total numbers of fish caught during the three rounds by each pair. The eventual winners of the Chalybeate Pairs Challenge were Peter and Keith who caught a total of 30 fish to Scott and Andy’s 27 fish.

    Overall results:

    • 1 Keith Nicholson and Peter Thomason
    • 2 Scott Benton and Andy Stoner
    • 3 Ron Lewis and Keith Lawrence
    • 4 Russell Bell and Chris ball

    The best 3 fish bag during the three rounds was caught by Andy Stoner and the best overall bag, including returned fish, during the three rounds was caught by Russell Bell

  • Bewl Water Reservoir

    Nigel Turner Memorial Trophy September 28th 2014 · Report by Richard Denney

    Fifteen members fished the Nigel Turner Memorial Trophy despite the water which looked more like poorly mixed green pea Cup-a-Soup

    In the afternoon water clarity improved dramatically thanks to the arrival of the wind and although fish were showing in other areas the majority of fish were taken either on or around the aerators

    Some impressive fighting fish were caught with six of the 55 taken being well over the 3lb mark for a rod average of 3.6

    Ray Burt’s 7 fish weighed an incredible 18lb 9oz and he only lost top spot to Richard Denney who had the same weight but caught 8 fish

    Nick Cox took the best fish of the day with a cracking Rainbow of 3lb 13oz and Junior Member George Denney, fishing on a two fish ticket, took his bag for weight of a 5lb 7oz

    The results:

    • 1 Richard Denney Jnr
    • 2 Ray Burt
    • 3 Bob Shaw
    • 4 Nick Cox
    • 5 Richard Denney Snr
    • 6 Bob Holland
  • Springhill Trout Waters

    6th September 2014 · Report by Ron Lewis

    A very disappointing 4 members turned up for todays event. We started the day in our usual way with bacon roll breakfast supplied by our hosts Jane and Lee. From reading the resent catch reports,the day promised to be a very hard days fishing, and thats just how it turned out to be with only 5 fish caught between us. The fish were just not on the feed. We all tried many different flies and lines but nothing seem to work with any rhyme or reason

    Mark Tremain-Coker won the day with a 2 fish total at 2lb 13.5oz. With Alan Dean following with 2 fish at 2lb 3oz and Graham Morgan-Plum 3rd with 1 fish at 1lb 5.5oz. I followed close behind with a blank day

    A very hard but enjoyable day

    I would also like to add that it was a poor attendance by our society members, made worse by members failing to inform me or the fishery that they were not going to attend. I believe that it is bad manners, and does nothing for the society’s reputation. The fishery had bought in food for us and had stocked the main lake with extra fish for our event, they had turned people away earlier in the week so that we caught have the water to ourselves. All together gentlemen, a bad day day for our society

  • Bewl Water Reservoir

    Pairs Cup 31st August 2014 · Report by Russell Bell

    A good turnout of 16 members arrived at Bewl for this year’s pairs challenge on a breezy day with a good mix of high cloud, some sun and moderate winds. We were therefore able to leave the tower hogging to our all method friends and go looking for prey in some of the more traditional areas

    Most members stuck to the main bowl or towards Chingley and the entrance to Bewl Straight, although Messrs Collins and Dench had considerable success along the Grassy Bank directly opposite the Lodge

    A busy sailing day led to some interesting confrontations, but good humour was maintained throughout, even when Bob Holland and Ian Watts chose to join in the starting line-up of the Laser Pico 2-handed race!

    Most fish were caught higher in the water than in recent weeks and while a good many stressed fish were going airborne throughout the day, there was evidence of a growing number ready to start chasing, although the takes did still seem to be a bit hesitant

    And so to the results:

    • 1 James Dench and Gary Collins 16 fish 28lb 12oz
    • 2 John Hancock and Keith Lawrence 13 fish 28lb 9oz
    • 3 Bob Shaw and Russell Bell 14 fish 26lb 0oz

    Best fish: John Hancock 3lb 3oz
    Best bag: Jim McGonigle 8 fish 17lb 2oz

  • Bewl Water Reservoir

    20th July 2014 · Report by Andy Stoner

    Reports about how Bewl was fishing had suggested that the day ahead was not going to be easy

    There were not many boats out and nearly all were surrounding the tower. Fish were showing all day and were fry bashing

    The method to catch fish was to go deep with variable retrieves using Minkies and Boobies

    All six that attended the competition caught with a rod average of 5.6

    The results

    • 1 Bob Shaw 8 fish 15lb 11oz
    • 2 Nick Cox 8 fish 15lb 7oz
    • 3 Ray French 8 fish 14lb 4oz
    • 4 Andy Stoner 4 fish 8lb 11oz
    • 5 Mark Tremain-Coker 4 fish 7lb 10oz
    • 6 Bob Holland 2 fish 3lb 4oz

    Best fish of the day was caught by Ray French, a rainbow of 2lb 12oz

  • Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery

    3 Fly Challenge 12th July 2014 · Report by Scott Benton

    The fishery has been kept well as usual with a very good stock of fish, thanks Jim

    Weather overcast but humid, the morning turning to broken cloud with long hot sunny spells

    All competitors were given one of each of the Fullingmill flys, one Green Damsel with blue flash tail, one goldhead off-white bodied Daddy Long Legs and one CDC Shuttle Cock

    After breakfast rolls we then walked off with a drawn number

    Fish were showing themselves all over the lake but with high air pressure they were a lot more reluctant to take than usual

    It was hard going in the morning but Ray Burt had soon pulled his 4 fish out of the honey hole area before lunch, with just a handful caught by other competitors

    After banter and lunch the walk off was reversed and fish were still moving but catching remained hard and slow

    Micky Heasman did well in the conditions, being the only one to catch on the high point scoring dry fly (fish weight x2lb) finishing 3rd overall

    Most fish of the day were caught on the Daddy Long Legs (fish weight x1.5lb) including Mick Priest's 3 fish pushing him to 2nd place. Ray Burt had 2 of his fish on the Damsel (fish weight x1lb) and the other 2 smaller fish on the Daddy dropping him to 4th

    Mark Tremain-Coker plugged away all day on the Daddy to which he caught all 4 of his fish moving him to a well deserved victory. The best fish of the day went to Russell Bell with a fine fish of 4lb 8oz

    All 24 fish caught were of good quality, strength and condition all bar Ron 'The small fish dispatcher' Lewis catching a 1lb racing snake of a trout that had caused him to carry it around the lake to weigh it in, now known as 'the walk of shame'!

    The results

    • 1 Mark Tremain-Coker 4 fish 10lb 9oz
    • 2 Mick Priest 3 fish 9lb 13.5oz
    • 3 Micky Heasman 3 fish 9lb 7.5oz
    • 4 Ray Burt 4 fish 9lb 2oz
    • 5 Scott Benton 2 fish 6lb 9oz
    • 6 Ron Lewis 3 fish 5lb 3.5oz
    • 7 Andy Stoner 2 fish 4lb 12.5oz
    • 8 Russell Bell 1 fish 4lb 8oz
    • 9 Alan Dean 1 fish 3lb 4.5oz
    • 10 James Dench 1 fish 1lb 12oz
    • 11 Chris Ball, Graham Morgan Plumb and Martyn Gray blanked

    We all had a good day despite hard conditions and the points system went down well, leaving everyone guessing the victor

  • Powdermill Reservoir

    7th June 2014 · Report by Ron Lewis

    Eleven members went down to Powdermill Reservoir for today's event, having first stopped at the 1066 cafe for a really good breakfast

    The boats there are very small and are rowing boats, so six of us had negotiate the oars - Not easy

    The fishing was very hard all day, and by lunch there were only 6 fish in the boats. In all only 16 fish were caught all day

    However we all had a good day with Keith Lawrence catching the best bag of 5 fish and Ray Burt had the biggest fish at 2lb 9oz

    The results

    • 1 Keith Lawrence 5 fish 7lb 14.5oz
    • 2 Ray Burt 4 fish 7lb 7oz
    • 3 Mick Heasman 3 fish 5lb 8oz
    • 4 Bob Holland and Ron Lewis 1 fish 2lb 1.5oz
    • 6 Mick Priest 1 fish 1lb 12oz
    • 7 Mark Tremain-Cocker 1 fish 1lb 5.5oz
  • Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery

    Pairs Challenge Round II 31st May 2014 · Report by Keith Nicholson

    The second round of the Chalybeate Pairs took place on the 31st May. There were 8 teams fishing this round of the prestigious Chalybeate Pairs Trophy kindly donated by fishery manager Jim Streeter. Although, 3 of the teams only had 1 person fishing

    It was a fine spring day with good amount of warm sunshine interspersed with some cloud cover. As usual Jim had made sure the lake was well stocked great quality fish for us to hopefully catch. Fishing had been good in the previous week so hopes were high for some excellent fishing. We were not to be disappointed

    Fish were caught from the off and most were using tadpole or Gonad type lures in various guises. Black based lures such as the Jack the Ripper or Green Pea/Viva type tadpoles seemed to fare best but fish were caught using the ubiquitous Cat’s Whisker tadpole. Russell Bell caught well on his now famous Tartan Damsel nymph. The fishing slowed after the first couple of hours but fish were still being taken

    After lunch the fishing was again quite slow but as the afternoon progressed rods began to bend and quality rainbows were being either despatched or returned by those that had already caught their 3 fish limit


    • 1 Keith Nicholson and Peter Thomason (13 fish)
    • 2 Russell Bell and Chris Ball (12 fish)
    • 3 Ron Lewis and Keith Lawrence (9 fish)
    • 4 Scott Benton and Andy Stoner (7 fish)

    Best 3 fish bag was caught by Andy Stoner and the best overall bag including returned fish was Russell Bell

    Many thanks to Jim for cooking the breakfast rolls and for ensuring a well stocked fishery in great condition

    The third and final round will be held on Sunday 5th October

  • Bewl Water Reservoir

    17th May 2014 · Report by Mick Priest

    Thirteen members turned out for this Bewl trip and after a hearty breakfast we went forth to do battle. The weather was a mixture of sun and cloud with very little breeze which made conditions hard especially for those of us who were using the day to practice for the SEFFF qualifier the next day

    We met for lunch at the fishing lodge and although fishing was hard fish had been caught. After the raffle and the usual banter we returned to the water for the afternoon session which turned out to be a little more productive and at the 5pm finish 61 fish had been caught for a rod average of 4.7 with 4 members getting their 8 fish limit, a good result for the conditions

    The winner on the day was Marc Tremain-Coker with 8 fish for 16lb 13oz

    The best fish went to Ray Burt with a rainbow of 3lb 1oz

    It was as always a great day spent in good company and was rounded off by some of us with a few beers in the Chequers pub

  • Bewl Water Reservoir

    4th May 2014 · Report by Ron Lewis

    Eight members and one guest met at Bewl Water on a nice but windless morning. After drawing for boat partners we set out on what was to turnout to be quite a hard days fishing

    There were not many fish rising so not much to cast at. By lunchtime Andy Hope had 5 to the boat and I had 4 and not much else for anyone else

    At this point I must point out that my boat partner, Nick Cox, seemed to be acting as my personal Ghillie, as every time we moved to a new area he put me on fish but could not manage to catch one himself. This went on all day until 4.55 when he caught 2 in 2 in his last 2 casts

    At 5pm we came off the water and weighed our catch. The 8 members landed a total of 28 fish and a total bag weight of 51lb 14oz

    On the day John Hancock was 3rd with 5 fish for 9lb 5oz, Andy Hope was 2nd with 5 fish for 9lb 11oz and yours truly was 1st with 7 fish for 12lb 8oz

    Full results:

    • 1 Ron Lewis 7 fish 12lb 8oz
    • 2 Andy Hope 5 fish 9lb 11oz
    • 3 John Hancock 5 fish 9lb 5oz
    • 4 Ian Watts 4 fish 7lb 9oz
    • 5 Ray Burt 4 fish 7lb 0oz
    • 6 Nick Cox 2 fish 3lb 10oz
    • 7 Mark Tremain-Cocker 1 fish 2lb 4oz
    • 8 Martyn Gray didn't catch

    A good day was had by all

  • Chigboro Fishery

    23rd April 2014 · Report by Peter Thomason

    This mid-week event was well supported by eight members:

    • Chris Ball
    • Ray Burt
    • Alan Dean
    • Micky Heasman
    • Paul Jordan
    • Ron Lewis
    • Andy Sawyer
    • Peter Thomason

    After a substantial and sustaining breakfast at the Cristal Cafe in Maldon, the party gathered at the fishery by 9.00am and were soon fishing. For those who have not previously visited Chigboro, there are two trout lakes: Rook Hall and Home Lake and a convenient fishing lodge with toilets, a refrigerator, tables and chairs and a pleasant veranda. Home Lake is fairly shallow, averaging around 7ft depth and Rook Hall is deeper. The water clarity was excellent, especially in Rook Hall which produced most of the fish for the day

    The most productive method was buzzer fishing with floating lines and a very slow retrieve. The fish were in excellent condition and fought very hard for their average weight of 2lb

    The majority of the fish were returned and the total catch for the day was 56 fish including a number of brown trout. Most successful angler on the day was Andy Sawyer with 13 fish which included the biggest fish for the day, weighing in at 2lb 8oz. New member Paul Jordan was made very welcome and we are very pleased to report that as a beginner, he managed to net two trout and missed a few others. We shall look forward to assisting his progress on future events

    The day was closed pleasantly with a convivial pint in a pub overlooking the Heybridge Basin with its small fleet of Thames sailing barges. Altogether an interesting and very enjoyable day

  • Bewl Water Reservoir

    Dave Clark Cup (Bank) 19th April 2014 · Report by Andy Stoner

    Fourteen members attended the annual Dave Clark Cup which is our only bank competition at Bewl Water. Many partook of the breakfast supplied by the Society and held in the sailing club

    Rob Barden, one of the rangers, took us over to Ferry point where he suggested we fished from there round to Dunsters Bay

    The weather was very trying for us all with a North Westerly blowing right onto us. Thinking that the wind might blow the fish near to the bank we saw a few fish rising but they were just too far out

    Out of the 14 members that fished 9 caught. Congratulations goes to James Dench who, along with Andy Hope, walked about 6 miles to catch the winning bag. Using a DI 5 with a Boobie and FAB James managed to catch 4 fish

    After a very hard days fishing a few of us had a couple of beers in the Chequers which had a roaring log fire to help dry some of us out


    • 1 James Dench 4 fish 7lb 1oz
    • 2 Dave Crouch 3 fish 6lb 3.5oz
    • 3 Bob Holland 3 fish 6lb 1oz
    • 4 Ian Watts 2 fish 4lb 11oz
    • 5 Mark Tremain-Cocker 2 fish 3lb 1oz
    • Mick Priest 1 fish 2lb 3oz

    Best fish was caught by Bob Holland 2lb 6oz

  • Bewl Water Reservoir

    6th April 2014 · Report by Bob Holland

    Ten anglers fished the match. Strong winds were forecast and there was a debate at breakfast about wind direction - well not really about wind direction more about points of the compass. The issue was resolved by reference to an App on Mick Priest's iPhone

    The strong winds did not materialise. The wind veered from south south west west to west during the course of the match. There was cloud cover during the morning. Most of the fleet headed off down Bewl Straight which fished best. At lunchtime we returned to the hut by the slipway to tales of mixed fortunes, lots of fish on and off and the usual banter

    The afternoon session proved more difficult than the morning for most anglers as the wind had strengthened and it became brighter. Best method for most was a washing line fished on an intermediate

    The outcome was as follows:

    • 1 John Hancock 8 fish 14lb 12oz
    • 2 Ray Burt 8 fish 14lb 10oz
    • 3 Bob Holland 7 fish 13lb 12oz
    • 4 Andy Hope 5 fish 10lb 4oz
    • 5 Mark Tremain-Coker 5 fish 10lb 3oz

    Biggest fish: Mark Tremain-Coker 3lb 0oz

  • Bewl Water Reservoir

    22nd March 2014 · Report by Richard Denney

    Eighteen anglers welcomed the first club trip of the season on Bewl and were rewarded with an incredible catch of 111 fish for a rod average of 6.16. Although there were fish to be caught from Chingley point down to Dunsters and Bewl Straight, like last season's open day there was rich pickings for those prepared to battle it out with the many other boats and bank anglers down at Rosemary Lane and Tinkers Marsh

    Nine members managed to get their limits using various methods from Intermediates down to Sweep lines and successful patterns ranged from Buzzers, Cormorants and Black Hoppers to Blobs and Booby's

    After a brief lunch, Russell "Raffle" Bell's regular prize win and the usual banter provided by those most successful In the morning, pretty much all of the party headed back down to open water off Tinkers Marsh where there was a rather large pod of fish high in the water, and very much to some anglers delights 'in the chasing mood'

    Weather conditions were better than forecast with a moderate South-Westerly breeze and sunshine for most of the day. The wind strengthened during the afternoon and those who had ventured down Bewl Straight had a chilly and choppy return

    An excellent day!

    The top five anglers awarded points were:

    • 1 Bob Holland 8 fish 18lb 13oz (Best fish 3lb 4oz)
    • 2 Andy Hope 8 fish 16lb 13oz
    • 3 Ray Burt 8 fish 16lb 7oz (Best fish 3lb 3oz) ( Prize winner )
    • 4 Keith Lawrence 16lb 6oz
    • 5 Ian Watts 16lb 2oz
  • Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery

    Pairs Challenge Round I 16th March 2014 · Report by Keith Nicholson

    The first round of the Chalybeate Pairs Challenge was held on Sunday the 16th of March. It was pleasing to have a full complement of 10 pairs fishing this year which will make for an interesting competition

    As usual we were warmly welcomed by Jim Streeter the fishery owner (aka Uncle Jim) and breakfast was cooked and served by the lovely Cathy

    Uncle Jim kindly pegged out 10 swims and the draw for each team's starting peg was made. Each pair were given a map of the lake and where the numbered swims were. The eager pairs made their way to their respective starting positions ready for the 9 o'clock start. The whistle was blown and the water was soon whipped to foam as the frantic competitors searched for their first fish of the day. It wasn't long before nets were in the water to land the precious prize

    There was some confusion at the start as Ron Lewis and Keith Lawrence were fishing in an unpegged swim according to the usual map we use. It quickly became evident that Uncle Jim hadn’t pegged the swims as shown on the map. Ron and Keith were fishing in their peg as shown on the map and others were fishing where Uncle Jim had placed the pegs. Due to this oversight the calls from the other competitors to disqualify the pair were waived and calm was restored. After the first 45 minute session every pair were now fishing the correct swims

    The first 3 sessions proved to be the most productive and Reg Littlechild made the most of the situation as he managed to take his 7 fish limit fairly quickly. Unfortunately he was fishing on his own as his partner, Andy Sawyer, was out injured. Ron and Keith were going well but Keith Nicholson and Peter Thomason made the most of one of the "hot" pegs and took 6 fish from one swim. All pairs were now catching, well that is apart from our reigning champions Richard Lovett and Gary Collins. Gary, being such a serious competitor, had been frantically practising for the competition in the few days before but the event and for some unknown reason his hours of practice and knowledge gained were proving fruitless

    Lunch was taken and much banter ensued. The raffle raised a healthy £63 to go towards our 25th anniversary celebrations in 2015

    It wasn’t long after the re-start that Ron Lewis and Keith Lawrence had completed their bag of 7 fish each and took great delight in wandering around the lake gloating over their success. Keith Nicholson became the 4th angler to catch his limit. Scott Benton and Andy Stoner were in a determined mood and were taking fish on a regular basis. Marc George and Graham Goddard were putting in a superlative effort and were also catching steadily

    Russell Bell seemed to have misunderstood the rules as he kept releasing fish while in play before he's killed his quota. Thankfully his partner Chris Ball was carrying him and was close to completing his bag. The hot favourites were the geriatric pairing of Bob Holland and Ray French but their age and lack of fitness was letting them down. However they did redeem themselves and managed a good bag of fish despite taking frequent naps

    There were only 2 anglers that failed to catch. One was Paul Wade who left early putting football before fishing. e was keen to get home to watch his beloved Gooners take on the Spurs on TV. The other angler to BLANK was a totally embarrassed and suicidal GARY COLLINS. It appeared that he had overfished during his exhaustive practice sessions leading up to the competition. He appeared to have little energy left. It was felt by many that this may not be due to his overfishing but due to his other favourite activity but that is still under debate

    The final results for Round 1 were impressive indeed (apart from GARY) with a total of 81 fish caught with 39 of those being returned

    Team Placings:

    • 1 Ron Lewis & Keith Lawrence
    • 2 Scott Benton & Andy Stoner
    • 3 Keith Nicholson & Peter Thomason
    • 4 Graham Goddard & Marc George
    • 5 Chris Ball & Russell Bell
    • 6 Bob Holland & Ray French
    • 7 Reg "on your own" Littlechild
    • 8 Micky Heasman & Alan Dean
    • 9 Richard "virtually on his own" Lovett & GARY COLLINS
    • 10 Paul Wade & Dave Cahill

    Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day (apart from GARY) and a big thank you goes to Uncle Jim for his hospitality once again

    We all look forward (apart from GARY) to the next round on the 31st of May

  • Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery

    26th February 2014 · Report by Ron Lewis

    Five members attended the Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery event on Wednesday 26th February

    We were greeted as usual by Jim with tea, and egg & bacon rolls for breakfast, and the prospect of a good days fishing

    We were not disappointed. Lines were cast at 9am and we fished until lunch at 12.30pm and resumed fishing at 1.15pm until 4.00pm

    Between us we caught 43 fish on various flies including Cats whiskers, Jolly Green Giants, and Bow Tie Buzzers

    My thanks go to Jim and the other 4 members for such an enjoyable day