• Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery

    Reg Littlechild Cup 22nd November 2015 · Report by Andy Sawyer

    A fine, but very cold, day greeted us at Chaylebeate for the Reg Littlechild Cup

    After breakfast rolls, 11 members started fishing. Keith "Sqirmy Wormy" Nicholson was first of the mark soon catching 3 fish and after his first move bagged up. Close on his heals was Keith "the Blob" Lawrence who also bagged up before lunch

    After lunch us mere mortals carried on and eventually everone caught fish

    Full results are as follows:

    • 1 Keith Lawrence total weight 14lb 2oz
    • 2 Keith Nicholson total weight 13lb 12oz
    • 3 Nick Cox total weight 13lb 4oz
    • 4 Andy Sawyer total weight 11lb 2oz

    A total of 33 fish where caught and 10 of these returned to the water

    A welcome beer was enjoyed on the way home

  • Elinor Trout Fishery

    7th November 2015 · Report by Andy Sawyer

    Nine members eventually made it to Elinor on what was some very trying weather conditions. Heavy rain and strong winds where order of the day but eventually the sun did come out all be it late afternoon

    Despite the weather all but one caught fish though some more than others

    Full results are:

    • 1 Ian Watts 6 fish 12lb 12oz
    • 2 Mark-Tremain Coker 6 fish 12lb 0oz
    • 3 Ray Burt 6 fish 11lb 10oz
    • 4 Russell Bell 5 fish 9lb 12oz
    • 5 Keith Nicholson 4 fish 6lb 8oz
    • 6 Andy Sawyer 2 fish 4lb 6oz
    • 7 Mick Heasman 1 fish 2lb 9oz
    • 8 Peter Thomason 1 fish 1lb 12oz

    Ian Watts also had the largest fish a rainbow of 3lb 1oz. Several browns where caught and carefully returned to the water

    A welcome beer was had on the way home and everyone enjoyed the day

  • Magical Mystery Tour 2015

    17th - 19th October 2015 · Report by Russell Bell

    A Hard Day’s Night!!

    An intrepid group of 6 Society members headed north on 17th October to visit three Midland lakes in three days. Not quite the 3 Peaks Challenge, but maybe the angling equivalent!

    All three days were hard work, but perseverance paid off on each occasion, with all members catching fish every day, and at least one angler excelling at each session

    At Draycote, our first outing was the Club Competition which a couple of members sadly had to miss – points on offer and no Mr Burt shock horror!! The morning session was pretty quiet in calm conditions with anglers catching in one’s and two’s. For most it was no different after lunch, but Ian Watts found the fish in the afternoon on north shore coming off the bank. No prizes for guessing his method – yes he promptly rolly pollied in 9 beauties on a floating line with minkies and hoppers going at a fair speed!

    We used the same method as last year of measuring the fish before returning them, with the only controversy arising when Ray and Graham allegedly hooked (and netted??) the same fish and then agreed to share the spoils!!

    The final table as a result was as follows:

    • 1 Ian Watts 12 fish 200 inches
    • 2 Bob Holland 4 fish 82 inches
    • 3 Ray French 3.5 fish 63.5 inches
    • 4 Mick Priest 3 fish 53 inches
    • 5 Russell Bell 3 fish 50 inches
    • 6 Graham Morgan Plumb 2.5 fish 48.5 inches

    There was a 3 way tie for biggest fish on 21 inches between Bob, Ray and Graham, so lots to discuss when we retired to the Court House Inn at Thrapston for excellent steaks and ale

    And so on to Rutland where again conditions were good but the fishing was tough, mainly because of a cold north wind. Most anglers managed one or two fish in the morning with Mick netting a lovely brown by Normanton Church

    We didn’t venture far beyond the main bowl but in the afternoon Ray and Ian found some serious lumps further up Normanton shore and Bob got into a feeding frenzy (or rather the fish did) around Yellowstone Bay. Top rod on the day was Mick Priest with 4 good fish caught mainly on his weighted minkies

    Monday morning took us to Grafham where Richard Lovett sub’d in for Ian, and again good conditions (maybe on the calm side) saw fish moving by the Willows but showing little sign of wanting to be caught

    Bob led the way with 5 fish in the morning on a drift out from the dam while others managed one’s and two’s from well up in the water mainly pulling minkies or minky boobies

    Bob’s stock dried up completely in the afternoon though and he was (almost) caught up by Richard who after raising a lot of fish unsuccessfully in Gaines Cove, came back to the dam and by resorting to pulling minky boobies on a DI5 managed to take 4 fish on the day. Mick caught the best fish of the day, around the 5.5lb mark in the middle off Sludge Bank

    So a great weekend. Good fishing, good food and beer, and great company. We’re on for next year!

  • Bewl Water Reservoir

    NT Cup 27th September 2015 · Report by Russell Bell

    Following some drop-outs following their brilliant exertions in the AMFC final day and the qualification of the TWFFS team into Group 1 for the 2016 season, and a couple of late additions, 8 members faced a bright and sunny day with a fairly strong northerly breeze blowing up at times

    Completely undaunted and sustained by a full but leisurely breakfast at the Chequers, the 8 Team (geddit??) set about the challenge with vigour, and some early catching by Mark and Nick in Hook Straight set the trend for the day

    Following a sunny lunch when we topped up our tans and shared some very tasteless jokes, those who had been less successful in the morning were able to catch up, and a total haul of 48 fish taken high in the water on a mixture of orange blobs, various boobies, hoppers and a few daddies was shared fairly evenly around the group

    The final result was:

    Biggest fish - 2lb 13oz for Bob Shaw

    • 1 Mick Priest 8 fish 14lb 5oz
    • 2 Bob Shaw 7 fish 12lb 14oz
    • 3 Nick Cox 8 fish 12lb 12oz
    • 4 Ray Burt 7 fish 12lb 9oz
    • 5 Mark Tremain-Coker 6 fish 11lb 5oz
    • 6 Russell Bell 5 fish 9lb 10oz
    • 7 Brian Beeney 5 fish 8lb 4oz
    • 8 Alan Martin 2 fish 4lb 9oz

    The proceeds gained from the sale of 24 fish were also shared fairly evenly in the Chequers afterwards!!

  • Chigborough Fishery

    23rd September 2015 · Report by Peter Thomason

    Six Society members attended this visit to Essex. The fishery is a few miles outside the attractive Essex town of Maldon, renowned for its culinary sea salt and its fleet of spritsail Thames barges. Only one of the two main trout lakes was open for fishing due to recent high water temperatures and all of the stock fish usually spread between both lakes had been put in Rook Hall lake just over a week before our visit

    Fishing on this occasion were:

    • Chris Ball
    • Ray Burt
    • Alan Dean
    • Martyn Gray
    • Micky Heasman
    • Peter Thomason

    The day started with fish coming to Buzzers and wet Hoppers fished on floating lines with a Booby or FAB on the point to keep the flies up in the water. However, takes quickly diminished and by lunchtime many of the bank areas appeared devoid of fish. After a welcome break for refreshment, we discovered the area of bank where most fish seemed to be concentrated (only just within casting distance). The fish, probably from the recent stocking, had stayed together in a large shoal which could be seen as a black shadow just under the surface. If a fly could be cast near to a moving fish, there was a good chance of a take, although not all of them resulted in a good hook hold

    The size of the fish varied from around 2lb to nearly 4lb and all fought well

    The end of the day produced a total of 41 fish for the six anglers, nearly all returned. Ray Burt was easily the most accomplished on the day with 14 fish and many more takes that did not result in hook-ups

    A pleasant day was completed with a good pint of local Adnams bitter in an attractive pub at Maldon Quay, overlooking the Thames barge moorings

  • Bewl Water Resevoir

    The Grand Max 16th September 2015 · Report by Peter Thomason

    The Society was once again asked to participate in this prestigious invitation competition hosted by the Bewl Bridge Flyfishing Club and sponsored by Fordham & Wakefield (importers of Riverge, Grand Max and Soft Plus fluorocarbon and many other premium fishing products). A grand total of 18 teams of six anglers participated in the event which was fished to international loch-style rules and restricted to floating lines only

    Representing TWFFS on this occasion were:

    • Russell Bell
    • Scott Benton
    • Keith Lawrence
    • Ron Lewis
    • Mick Priest
    • Peter Thomason (Captain)

    Weather forecasts had predicted gale-force winds but fortunately, all we had to cope with was rain and moderate gusts. The fishing proved challenging with a total of 280 caught, giving a rod average of 2.62 and an average weight of 1lb 13oz. This pleasant competition is run on very civilised lines with a break for lunch in the sailing clubhouse. At lunch the Society team had boated a respectable nine fish but was aware that the leading Fish Hawks team had bagged fifteen

    Fish were spread over a number of areas: main bowl, all down Copen’s Reach, Chingley Wood and Chingley Point, Belgrano Bay, the Cages and Bramble Point. Best flies were Hoppers, Hopper Boobies, Boobies and Blobs with dry flies working for some. The afternoon continued to produce fish and by the end of the day, the Society team had bagged a creditable 17 fish weighing 29lb 5oz – enough to earn 8th place against some very able opponents

    Winners on the day were Kent & Sussex Flyfishers with an excellent bag of 28 fish weighing 54lb 5oz considerably assisted by Sean Brooks who also won the award for top overall rod with 8 fish for 16lb 7oz. Winner of the award for biggest individual fish was Ray Burt with 2lb 15oz. We are very pleased to see so many TWFFS anglers achieving top performances for their individual teams

    As usual the day was very well organised by our hosts, Bewl Bridge Flyfishing Club assisted by Howard Mackenzie and his staff. The social side was enhanced by an evening meal and prizegiving at the Woodpecker restaurant overlooking the reservoir

    We shall look forward to next year’s competition

  • Bewl Water Reservoir

    Pairs Cup 13th September · Report by Peter Thomason

    The Society’s annual pairs competition was held at Bewl Water with a total of eight members, making four pairs which were drawn at random on the morning:

    • Mark-Tremain Coker & Bob Holland
    • Andy Hope & Bob Shaw
    • Ray Burt & Mick Priest
    • Ian Watts & Graham Morgan Plumb

    Conditions were favourable with light variable winds. In previous weeks the fishing had been difficult due to the presence of brown algae but this had started to clear and fish were caught mostly in the main bowl and in the area between the landing stage and Belgrano Bay. Most were caught using either floating or intermediate lines and successful flies were Hoppers, Blobs and Boobies, fished slow or static

    A total of 33 fish were caught, giving a rod average of just over 4 fish with an average weight of 1lb 13oz. The heaviest fish of the day was taken by Mark Tremain-Coker and weighed 2lb 6oz. The only bag limit of eight fish was taken by Bob Holland

    The results were:

    • 1 Bob Holland & Mark Tremain-Coker 12 fish 21lb 4oz
    • 2 Ray Burt & Ray French 9 fish 17lb 6oz
    • 3 Andy Hope & Bob Shaw 6 fish 11lb 6oz
    • 4 Ian Watts & Graham Morgan Plumb 6 fish 9lb 8oz

    Congratulations to our new Society Pairs winners and runners-up!

    The day was suitably ended with celebratory beers at The Chequers in Lamberhurst

  • Bewl Water Resevoir

    19th July 2015 · Report by Peter Thomason

    A good attendance of 14 members fished this Championship points event. The weather had been warm but mixed during the previous days and the water temperature had risen to nearly 20oC, usually a sign that fish will go deep. However, the day commenced with light rain and cloud cover almost lasted to mid morning. Recent stocking plus the overcast conditions resulted in the fish staying up in the water and responding to flies fished on intermediate and slow sinking lines. All of the catches were made in the main bowl area with fish spread out from the dam to Chingley Point and across to the Fishing Lodge. Successful flies were Tequila FABs, Boobies and other Blob type flies but they needed to be fished at a slow or medium rate, not pulled

    A total of 32 fish were caught, giving a rod average of 2.3. Best fish weighed 2lb 5oz and was caught by Bob Shaw. The overall winner was Ray Burt with 7 fish for 12lb 5oz. The average size was just over 1lb 8oz. The top five anglers gained Championship points which will be added to the current Championship table:

    • 1 Ray Burt 7 fish 12lb 5oz
    • 2 Mark Tremain-Coker 5 fish 8lb 4oz
    • 3 Bob Shaw 3 fish 5lb 6oz
    • 4 Russell Bell 3 fish 5lb 4oz
    • 5 Martyn Gray 3 fish 4lb 12oz

    Due to a power cut in my local supermarket and the refusal of the nearby garage to sell bottles of wine before 10.00am on a Sunday, we were without the usual raffle prizes. Despite this, all participants, without persuasion, donated their usual raffle contribution to Society funds – a very generous gesture which is greatly appreciated!

    An enjoyable day was ended in true TWFFS fashion with quenching drafts of good beer at The Chequers in Lamberhurst

  • Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery

    3 Fly Challenge 12th July 2015 · Report by Micky Heasman

    12 TWFFS members attended the 2nd 3 Fly Challenge. The weather was overcast and cool with a blustery SW wind. The fishery looked in top condition, as is usual, and again our thanks go to Jim Streeter our host for the day

    No competition at Chalybeate can start without the super breakfast rolls prepared for us by Cathy and Jim - again our thanks. Competitors drew for their starting pegs and were given one of each of the Fulling Mill flies, one Green Damsel with pearly flash tail, one gold-head off-white bodied Daddy Long Legs and one CDC Shuttle Cock

    Fish were showing themselves all over the lake and with overcast conditions many were tempted to try the CDC to gain an early points advantage but the fish were not to be tempted. It soon became evident that the fly to use was the gold-head daddy with Micky Priest hooking into a fish very quickly but it was Ray Burt and Ron Lewis who were putting down early markers to win the competition. Other competitors were getting regular takes on the Daddy but only picking up the odd fish

    After lunch fish were still moving but catching remained hard and slow - again plenty of takes but fish were not sticking

    Ray Burt bagged his 3 fish and his 2 catch and release, Ron Lewis was chasing hard with 3 Fish and 1 catch and release. Then things got lively James Dench picked up his 3 fish and started to chase down his 2 catch and release fish. Graham Morgan Plumb all of sudden quickly picked up 3 fish and then unfortunately lost 2, one of them a nice looking fish that escaped by charging under an overhanging bush - what might have been

    Whilst all this was going on Martyn Gray was quietly picking up fish and before we all knew it he had caught his 5 fish and along with Ray Burt was wondering if he'd done enough to gain first place

    The competition finished at 4.30pm and the weigh-in was a tense affair. Points were awarded for the weight of the fish and then multiplied up depending on what fly was used to catch the fish. Interestingly all of the 32 fish caught on the day were taken on the gold head Daddy - thank goodness one of the fly's worked or I would have been lynched

    Best fish of the day went to James Dench with a nice 2lb 15oz rainbow

    A very closely fought contest as can be seen by the results below

    • 1 Martyn Gray 5 fish 468 points
    • 2 Ray Burt 5 fish 462 points
    • 3 Mick Priest 4 fish 375 points
    • 4 James Dench 3 fish 315 points
    • 5 Ron Lewis 4 fish 308 points
    • 6 Graham Morgan Plumb 3 fish 294 points
    • 7 Russell Bell 3 fish 288 points
    • 8 Micky Heasman 2 fish 183 points
    • 9 Alan Dean 1 fish 108 points
    • 10 Mark Tremain-Coker 1 fish 102 points
    • 11 Scott Benton 1 fish 72 points
    • 12 Allen Martin unfortunately didn't score points on the day points

    We all had a good day despite hard conditions and the points system went down well, as last year keeping everyone guessing the victor. Very well done to Martyn Gray

  • Bewl Water Resevoir

    Corrib Cup 21st June 2015 · Report by Peter Thomason

    A good turnout of 13 members, including one junior member, attended the Corrib Cup event at Bewl Water. The weather had been kind and the water retained its unusual clarity for this time of year

    Fish were to be found in the main bowl and off Ferry Point, Chingley Corner and around the Hook House and Cages area. Catches were made in the morning and afternoon with most fish being taken in the top few feet of water. Successful flies were Boobies and Blobs fished on slow intermediate lines with retrieves that varied from slow figure-of-eight to steady pulling

    This was a double championship points event with the top six rods being awarded points. The championship table will indicate where individuals are currently standing at this point of the season

    The top six anglers were:

    • 1 Mark Tremain-Coker 8 fish 14lb 2oz
    • 2 Ray French 7 fish 13lb 8oz
    • 3 Ray Burt 6 fish 10lb 11oz
    • 4 Mick Priest 6 fish 10lb 10oz
    • 5 John Hancock 5 fish 8lb 14oz
    • 6 Ian Watts 4 fish 6lb 3oz

    The best individual fish was landed by Ray French and weighed 3lb 4oz

    An enjoyable day was had by all, especially George Denney, our junior member who stayed on with his father to catch more fish!

  • Powdermill Reservoir

    6th June 2015 · Report by Peter Thomason

    Thirteen members fished this popular and attractive reservoir at Seddlescombe. The weather was bright with occasional cloud cover coupled with a variable breeze which in the reservoir's wooded valley often shifted between several quarters of the compass

    Powdermill is known for the willingness of its trout to take imitations of the plentiful local insect life, which includes a good mayfly hatch. Our visit coincided with a low level but fairly constant hatch of the Danica variety which tends to be darker than the more common Ephemera Vulgata. The occasional fish could be seen rising but not sufficient to temp most members to fish dry flies (although the Chairman managed to tempt one fish to an olive Klinkhammer Special). Most of the party chose to fish from the boats and found that pulling Irish wet mayfly patterns was fairly successful. Ray Burt did very well with a damsel fly pattern which proved to be a good imitation of a mayfly nymph

    For those that selected to fish from the bank (mostly from the dam), wet mayfly patterns fished on a floating line also proved successful

    We were pleased to see a group of Hobbies performing great aerobatics above the tress when feeding on insects. As well as small birds, these uncommon small hawks include a large amount of insects in their diets which they catch in their talons whilst flying, transferring the prey to their mouths whilst still on the wing: a great feat of avian dexterity!

    Although the catch rate was modest, the day was greatly enjoyed in this peaceful setting. The group landed a total of 28 trout with four blanks recorded. The best bag of the day went to Ray Burt with five fish weighing a total of 8lb 12oz. Three other members succeeded in bagging four fish each. The best fish of the day was caught by Keith Nicholson and weighed 2lb 7oz. At the end of the day, members took their ease at the Queen's Head in Seddlescombe which serves a selection of well-kept real ales

  • Bewl Water Resevoir

    AMFC 26th May 2015 · Report by Richard Denney

    Although the fishing has been consistent of late with fish holding in the same areas close to the banks the team were under no illusion that this match was going to be anything other than difficult as the areas in question had been fished hard for several weeks. This was never going to be a stocky bashers dream

    The team practiced hard and knew which methods and areas were best to tackle on the day. It was going to be down to lady luck and grinding it out

    Most of the boats headed for either the playground or Hook End with a couple of fish being picked up quickly, but the bright sunshine and pressure over the hot spots put the fish down

    With a rod average of 2 and 5 blanks recorded TWFFS put in a sterling effort finishing 2nd above Bewl with only one fish dividing us from the winners Invicta

    Our points tally so far places us second behind Invicta who are 3 points clear going into the next fixture on Draycote

    The team were:

    • Richard Denney (Captain)
    • Mick Dwyer
    • Bob Holland
    • Keith Lawrence
    • Bob Shaw
    • Peter Thomason
  • Powdermill Reservoir

    20th May 2015 · Report by Alan Dean

    Eight TWFFS members had signed up for the first of two society trips to Powdermill Reservoir. Unfortunately, on the recent trip to Corrib one of the attending members was carrying a virus which ran rife through the men. This led to several cancelations due to outbreaks of "Russellitis". Four members confirmed they would attend and a last minute signing by Brian Beeney brought the number up to five

    On arrival at the fishery it was decided that we would take two boats (Bob Holland/Brian Beeney and Robin Starkie/Alan Dean) and James Dench would fish the bank in the morning and swap with someone in a boat for the afternoon

    The boats don't have engines at Powdermill and the rowing was somewhat haphazard but we eventually got to roughly where we wanted to be. Bob Holland opened the batting for the day when he hooked into a fish on his very first cast. He successfully landed a cracking fish weighing 4lb 11oz. This turned out to be the best fish of the day

    There were a lot of fish rising throughout the day. They seemed to be fixated on the mayfly and were pretty good at telling the difference between a real one and an artificial one. However, fish were caught by all and nobody blanked. Unsurprisingly, most fish were taken on mayflys

    The bank fishing proved to be such good sport that James stayed on the bank in the afternoon

    The results were as follows:

    • 1 Bob Holland 6 fish 14lb 7oz
    • 2 Robin Starkie 4 fish 7lb 10oz
    • 3 Alan Dean 2 fish 3lb 13oz
    • 4 James Dench 2 fish 3lb 10oz
    • 5 Brian Beeney 2 fish 3lb 3oz
  • Bewl Water Reservoir

    17th May 2015 · Report by Andy Stoner

    Seven members attended the event at Bewl

    Breakfast was taken at the Sailing Club and we could see a few fish moving in front of the Clubhouse

    The wind was westerly and quite gusty at times

    Lunch was taken outside the Fishing Lodge and not a lot of fish had been caught. We saw one of our members, who only fished the morning and had caught his quota, all being taken by the Playground. So, after lunch a few boats move to this area and caught

    By the end of the day only one member had caught his eight fish but nobody blanked

    The results:

    • 1 Bob Shaw 8 fish 14lb 10oz
    • 2 Gary Collins 6 fish 13lb 1oz
    • 3 Mark Tremain-Coker 3 fish 6lb 5oz

    Best fish went to Mark Tremain-Coker, with a weight of 2lb 9oz

  • Bewl Water Reservoir

    3rd May 2015 · Report by Russell

    Seventeen stalwart members turned up at Bewl to be met by blustery and very wet conditions

    The lake hadn’t been fishing too well, so there wasn't a great deal of optimism around, but the usual banter abounded as Russell and others huddled in the weigh-in room to execute the draw for boat partners and extricate subs and raffle money from soggy members queuing outside the lodge

    There seemed to be a roughly even split of boats heading for Bewl and Hook Straights and both sets were rewarded with some very good fishing. Tactics varied from intermediate lines and buzzers when the wind abated a little, to pulling blobs and woofters on DI3’s when it didn't

    In the end, the adverse conditions seemed to have enlivened the fish, and a number of members had bagged up or were close to it by lunchtime, at which point the weather eased, the sun came out (for a spell) and we dried up a little, but so did the fish!!

    By close of play, 10 members out of 17 had their 8 fish, with a few others close to it, and the final results were as follows:

    • 1 Bob Holland 8 fish 16lb 12oz
    • 2 Martyn Gray 8 fish 16lb 4oz
    • 3 Bob Shaw 8 fish 15lb 14oz
    • 4 John Hancock 8 fish 15lb 12oz
    • 5 Mick Priest 8 fish 15lb 11oz

    The biggest fish was caught by Mark Tremain-Coker at 3lb 4oz

    Due to an administrative error on the part of our organiser, Martyn was missed out when the results were announced, so I’m afraid that Dave Crouch dropped to 6th place and out of the points, which in the bar afterwards, Mick Priest seemed to find even funnier than pipping Dave by just one ounce!!

  • Chigboro Fisheries

    22nd April 2015 · Report by Chris Ball

    Chigboro Fisheries is situated on the north side of the river Blackwater estuary on the outskirts of Maldon in Essex and last Wednesday 22nd of April six of us enjoyed a successful days fishing in windy and overcast conditions

    Sixty five fish were caught in total, all on buzzers. Ron Lewis came top with a 5lb 14oz rainbow closely followed by Chris Ball with a 5lb 13oz rainbow

    A very enjoyable days fishing was rounded off with a beer by the river in Maldon

  • Bewl Water Reservoir

    Dave Clark Cup 18th April 2015 · Report by Andrew Stoner

    Fourteen TWFFS members turned out for the Society’s annual bank competition at Bewl Water, a points event where the winner receives the DC Cup. A few members mistakenly thought it was a boat competition and either didn’t attend, went out on the boats or went back home to get their bank fishing gear

    Breakfast was taken at the Sailing Club where we discussed the weather conditions to decide which bank would be best for us

    The wind was blowing east north-easterly, with gusts up to 20-25 mph. Very bright sunshine with the odd cloud. We decided to go to Goose Creek. Not many fish showing and talk was of the fishing being quite hard. So, we split up and some walked to The Oaks area and others to Hatherell's Bay. James and Gary were up for a good walk and proceeded to Chingley

    Not many fish came out in the morning, just the odd one or two, and also pike and perch

    Lunch was taken back at Goose Creek, where the general consensus was that fishing was indeed hard. Most members tried various tactics and the most successful was a team of buzzers, static and waiting for the odd fish to come along

    The winner of the DC Cup was Ray Burt and the best fish of 2lb 12oz went to James Dench. Out of the 14 members who fished, 9 caught. In total 17 fish were caught, with an average weight of 2lb 0oz

    The results were as follows:

    • 1 Ray Burt 4 fish 7lb 13oz
    • 2 Andy Stoner 3 fish 6lb 4oz
    • 3 Peter Thomason 3 fish 5lb 8oz
    • 4 Gary Collins 2 fish 5lb 0oz
    • 5 James Dench 1 fish 2lb 12oz
  • Bewl Water Reservoir

    5th April 2015 · Report by Andrew Stoner

    Sixteen members of the Society turned out for the second trip to Bewl Water

    Fortunately the high winds of the previous week had dropped considerably and there was warmth in the sunny spells. Still a bit of cloud cover and the wind was blowing north north-east so difficult to get into the favoured areas

    The fish were still close to the bank. For the last couple of weeks Rosemary Lane had been fishing well, a few boats headed for this area but after about an hour’s fishing and no fish in the boats they headed back up Bewl Straight

    Fish were caught at Tinkers Marsh and Dunsters Bay but not in great volumes. In the afternoon fish were caught at Ferry Point and the Playground. Lines used to catch fish were various and also the patterns

    None of the 16 caught their 8 fish limit: 3 caught 6 fish, so not an easy day by an means

    The results were:

    • 1 Bob Shaw 6 fish 14lb 4oz
    • 2 Ian Watts 6 fish 13lb 4oz
    • 3 Martyn Fray 6 fish 12lb 10oz
    • 4 Ray Burt 5 fish 12lb 1oz
    • 5 Robert Holland 4 fish 8lb 8oz

    Largest fish went to Ray Burt with a fish of 3lb 0oz

  • Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery

    Pairs Challenge Round I 15th March 2015 · Report by Keith Nicholson

    The first round of this years' Chalybeate Pairs Challenge took place on Sunday 15th of March. Unfortunately 4 pairs had to fish a single angler as their partners were unable to fish. The rule is that each pair can fish as a single angler in one round only during the competition. It is always worthwhile representing your pair as one fisherman as can be seen in the results below. Five full teams were present on the day

    As usual the lake was pegged with 10 swims and a rotation of swims took place every 45 minutes. This ensures that each pair fishes all 10 pegs during the day so that all have an equal chance of success

    Chalybeate once again provided us with some very good fishing. There was a catch and kill 3 fish bag with a further 4 fish allowed as catch and release. All returned fish were awarded 0.8kg each and were added to the weight of the 3 fish bag

    Methods for the day were either a floating line or an intermediate line with lure patterns or buzzers. Black and green lures seemed to be the most successful although the ubiquitous Cats Whisker also produced well for some

    Thirteen competitors reached their 3 fish catch and kill bags and some went on to take the additional 4 fish allowed under catch and release. The average bag per angler was an impressive 5.3 fish


    • 1 Peter Thomason and Keith Nicholson (14 fish)
    • 2 Ray Burt and Mark Tremain-Coker (13 fish)
    • 3 Andy Sawyer and Chris Ball (10 fish)
    • 4 Andy Stoner (single angler) (7 fish)
    • 5 Ray French and Bob Shaw (7 fish)

    There is one team place still available so, if you are interested in entering, and can fish the next 2 rounds, then please contact Keith Nicholson. Remember – the competition is based on the best 2 results out of the 3 rounds so it is quite possible to win by fishing the last 2 rounds