The Points System

All participants receive 2 points, then places are:

10 points8 points6 points5 points4 points3 points

The table below shows the points accumulated after '7' Championship matches. Last update: 2nd June 2019

1Micky Heasman48
2Graham Morgan-Plumb42
3Andy Stoner27
4Mick Priest24
5Dave Crouch23
6Peter Thomason20
7Ray Burt18
8Mark Tremain-Coker12
Ray French12
10Alan Dean10
Ian Watts10
Jo Harris10
John Hancock10
Nick Cox10
15Niamh Tremain-Coker9
16Russell Bell8
17James Dench6
Nathan Tremain-Coker6
19Alastair Garner2
Keith Lawrence2