The Points System

All participants receive 2 points, then places are:

10 points8 points6 points5 points4 points3 points

The table below shows the points accumulated after '10' Championship matches. Last update: 25th June 24

1Ian Watts56
2Andy Stoner51
3Mick Priest49
4Dave Crouch32
5Micky Heasman29
6Peter Thomason24
7Martyn Gray20
8Keith Lawrence19
9Nick Cox16
10Graham Morgan Plumb15
11Alastair Garner14
Buster Heasman14
13Suzanne Stoner12
14James Dench11
15Bob Holland10
Mark Tremain-Coker10
Paul Osborne10
18Eddie Benton7
Gary Collins7
Neil Osmond7
Russell Bell7
22James Constantine6
23Steve Mewett5
24April Heasman4
Joanne Harris4
26Paul Blaker2