• Rutland Water

    22nd June 2024 · Report by Ian Watts

    Two TWFFS members turned up for this Rutland society day accompanied by two guests. Ian Watts was duly partnered with guest Stephen Pattinson and Alastair Garner's guest was Danielle Adams

    The day before Alastair and Danielle had been fishing Grafham and decided to take in 'The Mecca' before returning to Kent. Regrettably, Rutland had started to pump in water recently and angling locals had indicated that this is why the fishing has been so poor. All anglers struggled and at the end of the day only 4 fish had been caught

    Ian led the way with 2, Alastair and Steve had 1 and Danielle failed to catch (although she lost one at the net!)

    A tough day's fishing and credit must go to Steve and Danielle for making up the numbers

    As this was a TWFFS points match the results are:

    • 1. Ian Watts
    • 2. Alastair Garner
  • Bewl Water

    15th June 2024 · Report by Graham Morgan Plumb

    It was with some trepidation that the six anglers who were scheduled to fish this event viewed the weather forecast in the preceding days. A wind speed of 27 mph, gusts of 35 mph and rain up to 7.5 mm put the viability of the event in some doubt

    However, a South-Westerly wind would provided some shelter in Hook Straight and we knew from the BBFC Boat Competition the preceding week, that this area certainly held fish. So with a cry of “I love wind” from some quarters, the event went ahead

    After drawing for boat partners, the small flotilla of three boats headed down Hook Straight. Fortunately, there was some shelter and fish were found at Pine Bay and in the middle of the straight

    We returned to the lodge for lunch and amidst the talk of tactics, overboard reels and, of course, the weather it was clear that Ian was leading the way with a very creditable 10 fish landed

    Unfortunately, the wind increased after lunch and fishing was close to impossible. A few follows and fish on and off but no further fish reached the net. The day concluded with a welcome pint in the Elephant’s Head

    The final tally was:

    • 1. Ian Watts with 10 fish
    • 2. Dave Crouch with 4 fish
    • 3. Graham Morgan Plumb with 3 fish
    • 4. Mick Priest with 2 fish (1st fish caught earlier than Nick’s)
    • 5. Nick Cox with 2 fish
    • 6. Alastair Garner who unfortunately blanked
  • Lakedown Trout Fishery

    1st June 2024 · Report by Andy Stoner

    Ten members attended this event at Lakedown. When we arrived we were all putting on layers of warm clothing because it was very cold for the 1st of June. Kathy had provided breakfast rolls for us all. We all purchased a three fish ticket

    At Lakedown you have a choice of four lakes and all had recently been stocked. By lunchtime a few members had caught their three fish whilst some were still struggling to catch a single fish. The weather did improve, the sun did make an appearance and it started to get warmer. Quite a few people had turned up at the Tap Room and food was provided by a pop-up burger van. A raffle was held but in the absence of Mick ‘The Randomiser’ Heasman, it was back to a traditional hand in the hat draw. The raffle raised £50.00 for club funds. Thank you to all those who contributed prizes and bought tickets

    By the end of the afternoon session four members had caught their limit. No notable big fish were caught


    • 1. Peter Thomason with 3 fish for 5lb 3oz
    • 2. Martyn Gray & Mick Priest - 3 fish 4lb 12oz
    • 4. James Dench - 3 fish 4lb 9oz
    • 5. Dave Crouch & Buster Heasman - 2 fish 3lb 12oz
  • Chalybeate Fishery

    5th June 2024 · Report by Peter Thomason

    Three members fished this mid-week event. The weather was fair with sun and cloudy intervals and a sometimes brisk breeze. Jim Streeter provided us with expertly cooked breakfast rolls and suitably sustained the three of us set to work. Having the fishery to ourselves, there was plenty of room and plenty of choice. Unfortunately, one of us had to leave almost immediately due to a family emergency (which we hope has had a positive outcome). The two remaining members worked hard on fish that were showing occasionally but which remained stubbornly uninterested in anything we presented. By lunchtime, Peter had managed a single fish on a semi-submerged mayfly imitation and Mick Priest had a frustrating morning with a number of half-hearted plucks and knocks but no positive takes. The decision was made to have another hour after lunch and if nothing had changed, the beer at the nearby Neville Crest & Gun was a far more attractive proposition; and so it transpired! Despite the hard fishing, as ever, the day was enjoyable and our concerted efforts were rewarded by cooling pints in true TWFFS manner

  • Powdermill Reservoir

    29th May 2024 · Report by Peter Thomason

    Just one member fished this event. Despite the lack of company, this was a very enjoyable day with fair weather and excellent fishing from the dam. Mayfly was hatching and although the fish did not seem to be attracted to the adult flies, they were certainly keen on nymphs. Fished very slowly on a floating line, a team of hare’s ear Diawl Bachs, sometimes with a lightly weighted mayfly nymph on the point to match the changing feeding depths of the fish, brought consistent takes. This was classing straight-line nymphing; slow figure-of-eight retrieves bringing confident and sometimes savage takes. As a season ticket holder at Powdermill, I am allowed to return fish and on this occasion the bag limit of all six fish were returned in addition to those that managed to release themselves from the de-barbed hooks! A delightful day’s fishing

  • Chigborough Trout Fishery

    25th May 2024 2024 · Report by Suzanne Stoner

    Only two members attended this event. Arriving in Maldon we were greeted by roads closed for a Ride London cycle event but we managed to find a parking space and walked to the Wetherspoons pub, the Rose & Crown for have breakfast. This was just after 9.00am and one customer was partaking of a pint of Stella! Tempting, but a little too early

    We arrived at the fishery and made our way to Home Water to be faced with a crowd of paddle-boarders, so quite a bit of this lake was out of bounds for fly fishing for the whole day. We walked around the far side and tried our luck there but the water was not very good, with lots of algae and weed. We decided to make our way to Rook Hall lake. Here the water was clearer, with lots of fish rising and a few anglers taking fish. A lady had been fishing successfully at Chigborough for a few days but the day we were there said she could not work out what they were taking. You could see the fish close in and rising to the surface

    Andy put on a couple of CdC’s, also a Booby with two Cormorants but fish had a look and turned away. Suzanne had a single CdC and caught a fish. We moved around the lake to get out of the breeze. The day was warming up with plenty of sunshine and the occasional cloud cover. Eventually Andy had his first fish on a Buzzer and then a second on a black Cormorant

    There was plenty of birdlife on, over and beside the lakes and we heard a cuckoo. The only trouble walking around Rook Hall lake was the large number of geese and the huge amount of their droppings!

    Fishing not easy for us but an enjoyable day. We finished at about 5.00pm hoping the roads on the route to our hotel in Maldon would be open. They were not and we had to wait a while to get special permission to travel up Market Hill – the only car to do so. Coming home on Sunday we used Google Maps and successfully avoided more road closures around Maldon and Chelmsford on the third day of the cycle race.


    • 1. Andy Stoner with 2 fish
    • 2. Suzanne Stoner with 1 fish
  • Brick Farm

    22nd May 2024 · Report by Andy Stoner

    Eight members attended this midweek event at Brick Farm near Herstmonceux. The weather was inclement but not too cold. Breakfast rolls were prepared by Danni. We were joined by Richard Lovett, whom we haven’t seen for some time, and Suzanne Stoner, a new member

    Ray Burt was quick off the mark and before lunchtime he had caught his five fish. In his comments in the book he wrote that the fishing was “easy”!! Not all of us found it easy and we all tried difference methods. The rain was quite heavy and towards lunchtime we took comfort in the shelter of the fishing lodge for a break and lunch

    Peter caught his three fish during the morning and was encouraging the rest of us to catch fish for a friend of his who was low on trout and needed to restock his freezer! Micky and his wife April turned up at lunchtime and proceeded to fish in the afternoon. Fish were duly caught: Micky Priest caught his three fish on Diawl Bachs and Richard had three using buzzers. Andy was helping Suzanne to cast and she did eventually cast a medium line and caught a fish on a FAB, which was later taken by a large freshwater mussel that refused to give it back

    For some, not an easy day’s fishing but still an enjoyable day at Brick Farm. No points awarded for this midweek meeting but the outcome was as follows:

    • Ray Burt had five fish
    • Richard Lovett, Mick Priest and Peter Thomason had three fish each
    • Buster Heasman, Andy Stoner and Suzanne Stoner each had one fish
    • Dave Crouch unfortunately had no fish on this occasion
  • Powdermill Reservoir (bank and boat)

    18th May 2024 · Report by Peter Thomason

    Nine members fished this event at the attractive and peaceful Powdermill reservoir. Seven opted to fish from the dam and two shared a boat for the day. The weather was kind with light breezes and an overcast sky with just an occasional hint of light rain: perfect fly fishing conditions! This reservoir has a very good mayfly population and we were fortunate to have sporadic hatches during the day which kept the fish holding near the surface. Over recent weeks, a variety of methods and flies had proved successful and so it was on this day with fish coming to dry flies, nymphs and to lures when they were not actively surface feeding. Floating and intermediate lines were the order of the day

    By lunch, Ian Watts had caught his limit of six fish and all but one of the party had taken fish. By the end of the day five of the party had bagged up and two more had almost achieved their limit by catching five fish. The boat fishing pair both bagged up, enjoying a gentle day drift fishing and silently cruising on an electric outboard between drifts

    A very pleasant day was enhanced by April Heasman’s generous contribution of a variety of cakes and hefty helpings of bread pudding. There were also generous donations of prizes for the raffle which was held at lunchtime which raised over £50 for Society funds: thank you to April and all the prize donors. A good day was celebrated by a convivial refreshment at the nearby Queen’s Head in Seddlescombe


    • Ian Watts - 6 fish for 12lb 8oz
    • Bob Holland - 6 fish for 10lb 11oz
    • Mick Priest - 6 fish for 10lb 11oz (Bob Holland had the heaviest individual fish in his catch and was therefore placed higher than Mick)
    • Graham Morgan Plumb 5 fish for 10lb 8oz
    • Micky Heasman 5 fish for 10lb 7oz
    • Andy Stoner 5 fish for 8lb 15oz
    • Buster Heasman 3 fish for 4lb 11oz
    • Dave Crouch sadly blanked
    • Peter Thomason with six fish (as a season ticket holder he was allowed to return fish and chose to do so)
  • Bewl Water

    12 May 2024 · Report by Ian Watts

    Only two TWFFS members, Nick Cox and Ian Watts, reported for the Society day at Bewl Water. One had just returned from Grafham the previous day, where he failed to get even a bite and the other had a season's rod average at Bewl Water, well into double figures! So one angler was definitely feeling a lot less confident than the regular visitor!

    I'm happy to report, that Bewl did not disappoint! There seemed to be quantities of fish everywhere in the main basin stretching from Chingley Wood to beyond the Tower. Even in the bright sunshine the fish seemed high up in the water and using a slow glass and a washing line of Blobs/Booby, Nick was into double figures by 10.30am! He had a baker's dozen and Ian on eight when lunch was called at 1 o'clock

    Ian's switch from slow glass to a 12ft tip line brought instant success. For Nick, the action slowed considerably in the afternoon but Ian continued to catch steadily.

    The last hour proved difficult for both when the overly pressured fish simply switched off and the takes dried up

    At close, Nick had 16, to keep his fish average up and Ian had a credible 19


    • 1. Ian Watts
    • 2. Nick Cox
  • Spring Hill Trout Fishery

    24th April 2024 · Report by Andy Stoner

    Six members and one guest attended our second midweek event of the season. The wind was north-easterly and quite cold with the occasional sunny spell. It was good to see Alan Dean who had not fished since before Covid. Three wives were also at Spring Hill: Mrs Stoner, Mrs Dean and Mrs Heasman (April didn’t fish). Buster Heasman brought along his neighbour, Kenny, to fish. A friend of Mr and Mrs Stoner’s, Geoff Denney, who had not visited Spring Hill for over 20 years, turned up for a short while

    Most of the anglers went to the main lake whilst Andy Stoner went to one of the brownie lakes, and Buster to another brownie lake. Not having any luck, Andy tried the main lake. Whilst fishing a swallow was seen over this lake, skimming the surface. Green woodpeckers could be heard and a few buzzards and red kites were seen flying overhead

    There were a few fish jumping and showing near the surface. Peter found the method to catch fish and was successful using a sight indicator with a single buzzer. By lunchtime he had caught two and released one. Paul Osborne moved to the dam end where the wind was blowing and caught two using the same method. Andy used a sight indicator and was concerned that his leader was not sinking properly. So, close in to his fishing platform, he jigged the end of his floating line to make the leader sink and a fish weighing nearly three pounds took the buzzer. Andy held tight, managed to pick up his fishing rod and catch the fish!

    When we stopped for lunch Paul left and Micky left to go to lunch with some ex Fidelity colleagues, returning later. Alan also decided on an early finish. Kenny stayed at the main lake, preferring not to tackle the steep climb up to the fishing lodge. Whilst having lunch, a nice variety of birds were seen on the feeders: goldfinch, long tailed tits, blue tits, a blackcap, sparrows, robins and blackbirds

    Peter returned to the main lake and soon caught his last catch and release fish. Micky and April stayed on the main lake and tried using dry flies. Andy eventually caught a second fish by using traditional methods. Buster had tried natural patterns but eventually went to the dark side and caught a 3lb fish using a white and yellow booby tied by his brother Micky. Kenny had a fish on at the dam but it got off

    Great to be back at Spring Hill which was looking really good. Difficult fishing but great company. Being a Wednesday this is not a points event, not even for attending, so many thanks to all who turned out

    • Alan Dean - 0 fish
    • Andy Stoner - 2 fish 5lb 3oz
    • Buster Heasman - 1 fish 3lb 1oz - Best 2lb 15oz
    • Kenny - 0 fish
    • Micky Heasman - 0 fish
    • Paul Osborne - 2 fish 3lb 8oz - Best 2lb 0oz
    • Peter Thomason - 2 fish 5lb 1oz - Best 3lb 1oz
  • Lakedown Trout Fishery

    20th April 2024 · Report by Mickey Heasman

    Another terrific turnout of 13 members for a TWFFS day at the beautiful Lakedown trout fishery – four lakes set in the lovely East Sussex countryside and a tap room with some very fine ales to enjoy after our fishing efforts. What a difference in weather from our trip to Chalybeate a week earlier. We now contended with 5-7 degree temperatures along with a chilly northerly wind and occasional bright spells

    Eddie Benton and James Constantine started well on the lake 1 peninsula fishing Cat’s Whiskers on intermediate lines with a fast retrieve. Eddie was unfortunate in losing a good fish that snagged on an obstruction. Lake 4 was also productive on the dam - Dave Crouch and Mick Priest enjoying some good sport and landing their three fish before midday. By lunch Eddie Benton, Mick Priest and Dave Crouch had completed their bags. Dave Crouch also landed a lovely 4lb rainbow. After lunch we held a very well supported raffle that raised £75 for the society - thank you all!

    Back to the fishing and for some and despite their very best efforts the fishing did not get any easier. This week it was April that got a fish a few minutes before the 4 pm finish and avoided a second blank - well done Mrs H! By the end of our days fishing 7 of the 13 had managed their bag limit, one had 2 fish, 2 had 1 fish and 3 had blanks. A total of 25 fish were landed out of a possible 39. Best fish of the day went to Dave Crouch with that 4lb Rainbow - well done Dave

    Finally a big thank you to Jamie, Ted and Cathy for their splendid hospitality on the day

    Final results:

    • 1. Dave Crouch - 3 Fish 7lb 0oz
    • 2. Mick Priest - 3 Fish 6lb 8oz
    •     Mark Tremain-Coker - 3 Fish 6lb 8oz
    • 4. Eddie Benton - 3 fish 6lb 1oz:
    • 5. James Constantine – 3 fish 5lb 10oz
    • 6. Micky Heasman – 3 fish 5lb 8oz

    The remaining anglers gained their 2 Championship points for participating: James Dench, Jo Harris, April Heasman, Buster Heasman, Paul Osborne, Andy Stoner, Peter Thomason.

  • Chalybeate Springs

    Chalybeate Pairs Round I 13th April 2024 · Report by Mickey Heasman

    A terrific turnout of seven pairs arrived at Chalybeate springs to fish the first round of the Chalybeate Pairs competition. After record recent rainfall the weather was unseasonably warm with temperatures forecast to be in the high teens with bright skies and as we found out throughout the day, the wind couldn't make its mind up and seemed to be in our faces no matter where we fished. You all know what's coming now - yep! It was a difficult day for us

    The 2024 pairings are as follows:

    • Micky & April Heasman
    • Scott & Eddie Benton
    • Simon & Christopher Gregory
    • Peter Thomason & Ian Watts
    • Jo Harris & Keith Lawrence
    • Bob Holland & Ron Lewis
    • Andy Stoner & Mick Priest

    We fished on a three-fish take followed by three-fish release format with bonus weight awarded for catch and release. There was also an additional bonus weight for any fish caught in the designated 'Joker' round

    As mentioned earlier it was a tough day with none of our pairs managing to get into catch and release fish nor where any fish landed in the 'Joker' rounds

    Our leading pair after round 1 is Peter Thomason & Ian Watts who landed three fish each. Scott Benton and son Eddie are close behind landing five fish. Currently in third place are Keith Lawrence & Jo Harris who landed three fish. Special mention for Jo who worked hard all day under the helpful guidance of Keith Lawrence and got her reward with a fish two minutes before the end. Also a very well done to Christopher Gregory who partnered his Dad, Simon, and fly fished for the very first time landing his first ever rainbow trout and thoroughly enjoying his day

    A big thank you to Jim Streeter for looking after us once again

    Results after round 1:

    • Peter Thomason & Ian Watts - 13lb 1oz
    • Scott & Eddie Benton - 11lb 5oz
    • Keith Lawrence & Jo Harris - 7lb 3oz
    • Bob Holland & Ron Lewis - 6lb 6oz
    • Andy Stoner & Mick Priest - 6lb 4oz
    • Simon & Christopher Gregory - 4lb 3oz
    • Micky & April Heasman 2lb 9oz

    With some bonus and Joker fish in round 2 this could rapidly change. I look forward to seeing our pairs at Chalybeate in September for Round 2

  • Brick Farm

    7th April 2024 · Report by Kieth Lawrence

    A good turnout of 12 members fished this varied and interesting fishery. An enjoyable dayall with the comfort of the fishing lodge and refreshments plus some good fish and good bags

    This was a Championship event and the results were:

    • 1. Andy Stoner – 3 fish 7lb 13oz (best 2lb 8oz)
    • 2. Martin Gray – 3 fish 7lb 5oz (best 3lb 6oz)
    • 3. Micky Heasman – 3 fish 6lb 13oz (best 3lb 6oz)
    • 4. Keith Lawrence – 3 fish 6lb 7oz (best 2lb 13oz)
    • 5. Paul Osborne – 3 fish 6lb 1oz (best fish – 2lb 0oz)
    • 6. Gary Collins – 3 fish 6lb (best 2lb 12oz)
    • 7. Micky Priest – 3 fish 5lb 8oz (best 2lb 1oz)
    • 8. April Heasman – 3 fish 5lb 7oz (best 2lb 3oz)
    • 9. Ian Watts – 3 fish 5lb 4oz (best 2lb 10oz)
    • 10. Dave Crouch – 2 fish 3lb 12oz (best 2lb 0oz)
    • 11. Joanna Harris – 1 fish 3lb 0oz
    • 12. Buster Heasman - 0 fish
  • Powdermill

    30th April 2024 2023 · Report by Russell Bell

    Four members attended this re-arranged fixture to one of our favourite small reservoirs on a beautiful spring day (one of the very few!) when Powdermill was looking at its best

    Tactics from the dam varied from DI7 and black and green lures, to floating lines and similar nomads. Peter led the way in the morning on the latter, and following a very pleasant lunch in the spring sunshine, finished with his 6 fish by 2.15pm when a suicidal rainbow followed his fly halfway up the dam, retreated then came back for more

    Andy kept fishing deep with considerable success while Keith stuck to his corner and ground the day out with his team of cormorants, catching his last fish just before the final whistle at 4pm

    So a fine day concluded with a visit to the Queens Head in Sedlescombe to sample their excellent Harveys brew

    The final results were:

    • Keith Lawrence - 6 fish 13lb 7oz
    • Andy Stoner - 6 fish at 12lb 12oz
    • Peter Thomason - 6 fish at 12lb 4oz
    • Russell Bell - 3 fish at 6lb 8oz
  • Bewl Water (Bank)

    Dave Clarke Cup 23rd March 2024 · Report by Neil Osmond

    Ten members meet for the inaugural TWFFS event of our 2024 season

    The original plan was for the launch to take members to Seven-Pound Creek and the various bays along Hook Straight. The different aspects from Pine Bay to Bramble Bay affording both left and right handers favourable casting locations for the forecast gusting westerly wind. Alastair fished the location on Friday and subsequently proposed a change of venue to Ferry Point where more fish were caught; the prognosis being that fish were moving out of Hook Straight down Bewl Straight

    The launch took seven members plus Paul Blaker’s son who joined us for the day to Ferry Point meeting Alastair, Micky and Buster who went there directly. For Micky and Buster (our left-handed casters) there was a long walk down to Tinkers Marsh which gave them a better location for casting, in solidarity I joined them on the long walk! The remainder fished between Monty’s Seat round to Dunsters Bay

    Meeting back at Ferry Point for lunch it was clear it had been a tough morning’s fishing. Micky and I had edged ahead with three fish each. Many of the other anglers, both TWFFS and Bewl locals, were still looking to land their first fish. The challenging weather conditions (wind and a drop in temperature and barometric pressure) were compounded by an ‘any methods’ boat competition being held on the same day. A number of boats had decided to beach in the various bays along Bewl Straight and fish ‘any methods’ from the bank. I’m not sure whether that was a relaxation of fishing rules for their competition but this would not normally be permitted

    A raffle was held at lunchtime raising a very creditable £80 for Society funds, many thanks to all – particularly those who donated prizes

    The afternoon saw a resumption of fishing accompanied by the forecast gusting wind and squally showers. However, this did result in an upturn in fishing with Mick Priest landing a further five fish to add to the one fish from the morning. Andy Stoner landed a double-up - very impressive on barbless hooks! Micky, Buster and I returned to Tinkers, racking up an impressive step count by the end of the day. Micky had a further two fish and Buster landed two, one either side of lunch

    Based on fish landed the prime location for the afternoon was to the right of Ferry Point along Bewl Straight – this is where Mick, Andy and Steve landed their fish. I met Ian on the way back at the point of Bewl Straight and Dunsters and, unusually, fishing had been slow there throughout the day. Fish were caught using a variety of tactics, Mick had success with a DI5 using white Blobs on a slow long-pull retrieval. Many of the other fish were landed close to the bank using floating / sink tip lines with a slow figure-of-eight retrieve. Micky and I had success with Cormorants, Steve had success with white & pearl mini Minkies

    The competition was based on catch and release, the results were therefore based on number of fish caught and, as a deciding factor, the time of first fish caught. The final results were:

    • 1. Mick Priest – 6 fish
    • 2. Micky Heasman – 5 fish
    • 3. Andy Stoner – 4 Fish
    • 4. Neil Osmond – 3 fish, first fish caught 09:48
    • 5. Ian Watts – 3 fish, first fish caught late morning
    • 6. Steve Mewett – 3 fish, first fish caught at 14:15
    • 7. Alastair Garner – 2 fish, first fish caught 09:30
    • 8. Buster Heasman – 2 fish, first fish caught 11:30

    Many congratulation to the winner, Mick Priest

    A special mention for Paul Blaker who joined us on the day for his first TWFFS event, it was great to have Paul and his son Charlie along with us. Also, a big thanks to James who spent the afternoon helping Charlie, passing on his knowledge, tips and tricks to the next generation of fly fishers