Awarded to the captor of the heaviest rainbow trout caught during society events throughout the season

YearWinner's NameWeightFishery
1991Darren Harris5lb 11ozSpringwood Trout Fishery
1992Mick Priest5lb 12ozLakedown Trout Fishery
1993Gary Priest12lb 13ozSpringwood Trout Fishery
1994Gary Priest9lb 8ozSpringwood Trout Fishery
1995Keith Nicholson11lb 0ozLakedown Trout Fishery
1996Colin Findley10lb 1ozSpringwood Trout Fishery
1997Keith Lyne12lb 0ozDever Springs Trout Fishery
1998Steve Dann8lb 3ozLakedown Trout Fishery
1999Steve Dann6lb 0ozSpringwood Trout Fishery
2000Andy Blackman9lb 2ozSpringwood Trout Fishery
2001Vince Brooks7lb 9ozSpringwood Trout Fishery
2002Tony Benton11lb 12ozBrick Farm Lakes
2003Colin Findley20lb 9ozAvington Trout Fishery
2004Joel Beeney13lb 1ozAvington Trout Fishery
2005Keith Lawrence9lb 0ozLakedown Trout Fishery
2006Vince Brooks17lb 12ozLechlade Trout Fisheries
2007Vince Brooks11lb 8ozLechlade Trout Fisheries
2008Joel Beeney11lb 5ozLechlade Trout Fisheries
2009Micky Heasman 6lb 0oz Elinor Trout Fishery
2010Micky Heasman8lb 6ozElinor Trout Fishery
2011Micky Heasman9lb 5ozElinor Trout Fishery
2012Alan Dean6lb 3ozBewl Water Reservoir
2013Andrew Hope5lb 13ozBewl Water Reservoir
2014Peter Thomason6lb 9ozChalybeate Springs Trout Fishery
2015Ron Lewis5lb 14ozChigborough
2016Mark Tremain-Coker7lb 6ozChalybeate Springs Trout Fishery
2017Ray Burt8lb 14oz 
2018Ray Burt5lb 8oz 
2019Russell Bell56cmDraycote
2021John Dunmall6lb 10oz 
2022April Heasman5lb 10ozBrick Farm
2023Ian Watts4lb 14ozLakedown Trout Fishery