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Russell was brought up fishing the rivers and lochs of his native Angus in Scotland, including the pursuit of migrating salmon and sea trout on the River Tay

Following his own migration south in the '70s, he focussed on basketball as his primary sport at a senior level, with only the occasional venture north to fish with his father. So after a 30 year gap, he found his way to TWFFS via its website and suffered the initial culture shock when introduced to the subtleties of boobies, blobs and cormorants

With great support and encouragement from Society members, Russell now ties most of his own flies and enjoys competition fishing on the larger English reservoirs, with significant breaks to seek out wild brownies in Ireland as one of the newer members of the Corrib Expeditionary Force, or occasionally to re-visit the lochs in Scotland he knew in his youth

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Micky joined TWFFS in it's inaugural year and has had the honour of being Society Secretary since 2006

He first picked up a fly rod in 1986 and was taught the art of casting on Rusthall Cricket pitch by founder member Andy Sawyer. Catching fish was another matter, so armed with his light weight glass fibre fly rod, a reasonable cast and a Black Chenille he enjoyed a spectacular open day from the bank at Bewl Water - Beginners luck, as it has seemed, but its been tougher ever since. Needless to say and forgive the pun, he was hooked

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Peter began fly fishing for trout in the 1960's at a time when the opportunity for excellent trout fishing expanded to many large reservoirs. His fishing has spanned a period of many developments in tackle, techniques, and in the sport itself. He started fishing with split cane rods and the then innovative fly patterns developed by Tom Ivens and has been fortunate to have had the assistance of many talented anglers in developing his skills and interests

Peter strongly believes that the future of the sport depends upon encouraging others and sharing information. His other fishing interests include fishing for wild trout in the West of Ireland and in Shetland and the extensive literature of fly fishing

mark tremain-coker

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Mark’s first angling exploits were centred on sea fishing from beach and inshore dinghy. He was first attracted to fly fishing whilst on holiday in Scotland some fifteen years ago. Then after benefitting from tuition at Bewl Water, Mark has enjoyed fly fishing on a variety of large and small waters from boat and bank. He has made steady progress in the club and national competition scene reaching the England National Loch-style final in 2015. As an angler who has enjoyed developing his skills and knowledge, Mark feels the Tunbridge Wells Fly Fishing Society has been important in contributing to his angling progress and wishes to help continue this very positive aspect of Society activities

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Graham was a keen coarse fisherman as a boy, but like many before him, his interest turned to other matters during his late teens. His interest in fishing, and particularly fly fishing, was rekindled during a walking holiday in the lake district when an injured knee forced him to look at other activities. A sign offering a day's fly fishing tuition, and the rest, as they say, is history

He enjoys all the challenges and frustrations that battling his wits against a creature with a brain the size of a pea brings, and freely admits to often being on the losing side

Graham participates in the bank and boat and reservoir and small stillwater aspects of our sport, and would dearly like to improve his river fishing skills

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Marc took up fly fishing during the summer of 2005 and joined Tunbridge Wells Fly Fishing Society later that year. He enjoys bank and boat fishing, especially the late evening rises

Fly-tying has also become a part of Marc's trout fishing pastime and creating new patterns that catch never fails to get the adrenaline pumping

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Ian was led to a lifetime of angling after a day out with his dad on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in 1967. After coarse fishing in the Liverpool parks and sea fishing in the River Mersey docks, he started fly fishing when he moved to Essex in the late 1990's. Walthamstow and Hanningfield where Ian's 'fly' training grounds and a chance meeting with a 'short bloke with a big moustache' at Bewl Water shaped his trout-angling future. That 'bloke' was John Horsey, who encouraged him get into competitive match fishing; firstly via the Lexus International and then eventually to being paired with him in the England National Final the following year

A former county squash champion, Ian's ability to adapt and cope with pressure has helped him competitively. His preference is to fish loch-style for trout in the larger reservoirs and he has been successful in fishing five English national finals but he is comfortable on the smaller 'ponds' having reached three national bank finals

Having benefitted from the encouragement and support of other gifted anglers, Ian is pleased to be able to share his knowledge and enthusiasm

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Andy first went fishing at the age of 8 off the coast of Cornwall, when his main catches were mackerel and conger eel

Joining TWFFS in 1995 he particularly enjoys Lakedown Trout Fishery, preferring bank to boat fishing

A bespoke traditional upholsterer by trade, Andy does manage to get some work done despite his workshop only being a stone's throw from Bewl Water!

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Simon’s first encounter with fly-fishing was on a childhood holiday on a Dartmoor farm where he was provided with rod, line and flies and taken to a local spring-fed pond. Trout rose to his floating fly and both he and the fish were hooked! He progressed to bank fishing at Bewl and polished his casting technique with lessons at Spring Hill. Simon is pleased to have gained further knowledge and skills through membership of the Society and he is committed to promoting its ethics of camaraderie and shared knowledge

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Neil is somewhat of a late starter to fly fishing, having had his first lesson as a 50th birthday present in Exmoor. Since then, juggling work, family commitments and trying to maintain some semblance of cycling fitness, he practises fly fishing with an eye to lazy sunny halcyon days on the river bank in early retirement (and additionally avoiding being constantly out fished by his son who he introduced to fly fishing and now is indecently good at it ... much better than his father)

Neil’s other fishing interests include membership of the Upper Medway Fly Fishers club, preserving and maintaining stretches of the Upper Medway and getting to the west country to fish on Exmoor rivers whenever opportunity prevails